SOLVED! 6 Amazing Tips To Fix Android Bluetooth Turns Itself Off 

One of the most common errors that Android users often encounter is Android Bluetooth turns itself off for no reason. Have you ever experienced the feeling when you want to enjoy your phone’s favorite- song list in the car, and BOOM, your Bluetooth cannot connect with? Or when you want to send images to other devices via Bluetooth but it suddenly turns off? It’s so annoying, right? 

Android Bluetooth turns itself off

In this article, Milagromobilemarketing will share with you six best tips to solve this problem right when you are at home for free. 

Ways To Fix Bluetooth Turning Off Itself

Restart Your Phone

Restarting the device is often the first way that smartphone users often choose when there are any errors occur. So, you can try this way first to check whether your Bluetooth turns on or not.

Delete Bluetooth Cache

Sometimes, you may not notice, but there are some settings or data synchronization that can prevent Bluetooth from connecting. The solution when this happens is to delete the cache data.

To clear the data, go to Setting -> Application Manager, choose Bluetooth share, and then delete the unnecessary cache. Finally, restart your phone and reconnect Bluetooth.                               

reconnect Bluetooth

Turn Off Airplane Mode

When you are in Airplane Mode, cellular data network, Wi-fi, as well as Bluetooth will not work. So, make sure that Airplane Mode is off on your Android.

It’s easy to do this, just swipe down from the top edge of the screen, click the airplane icon to turn it on, and press that symbol again to turn off.

Check Bluetooth In Safe Mode

Bluetooth can be affected by some applications. So, to fix this, you can access and use your phone in Safe Mode.

When your device is in this mode, any third-party applications will be blocked, so that you can determine which one is attributed to Bluetooth errors. 

In other words, if your Android works normally, look for the recent applications that you installed to find out which app leads to the failure. Then, uninstall that app, restart your phone, and reconnect Bluetooth to check.

Check The Connection With Other Devices

Usually, connecting Bluetooth on your phone with other devices is easy. However, you should check the connected device because sometimes, it cannot working properly with your phone. 

In this case, you should try connecting to other Bluetooth to check whether it’s your phone’s problem or not. If your Bluetooth still can’t connect with other devices, maybe your phone has an error in its software or hardware.

Hard Reset

Hard Reset or Factory Reset is the last way to troubleshoot Bluetooth turning off itself on Android phones because it will clear all user data, as well as viruses, error software, junk data,

and all settings.  Therefore, your phone will return to the factory default. 

Hard Reset

In the worst case, if you still cannot use Bluetooth, you need to bring your phone to the insurance department for support. 

Final Words

Thanks for reading until the end of this article. Those are six effective ways to deal with Android Bluetooth turns itself off. You can try them all before bringing them to the insurance store.

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