SOLVED! Why does Android OS Use So Much Data

Why does Android OS use so much data? It’s weird, right? You don’t watch Youtube or stream Netflix that much yet somehow your data could barely survive at the end of every month. Hell you don’t even play any MMO mobile game either, where has all the data gone? Milagromobilemarketing is here to shed some light on the matter.

Why does Android OS use so much data

What uses up Data?


Before explaining why Android OS, I need to clear up some misconception in this matter. Firstly, an online mobile game does not consume as much data as you may think. 

Secondly, “I only browse Facebook and websites on my mobile” could be the very reason why your data runs out before you can even get your hands on it. 

Facebook these days is filled with videos, browsing them means you constantly download videos which is not that much different from watching Youtube and Netflix. 


As for websites, unless there are only words and texts, otherwise it is essentially the same thing with Facebook. Even images could eat up quite a bit of data. 

Let’s do some simple math, assuming that for each image on the website you are browsing has about 10 mb each, couple of hours browsing and you would have downloaded at least 100 of them already and that is 1GB gone.

System updates

Most Android devices these days would have the option to automatically update the system as soon as there is a patch ready. 

For a brand that regularly encounters bugs and glitches, you can assume there will be patch once every two weeks or so. It’s good and all if it is just small bugs as fixes wouldn’t be that much data anyway. 

However, now imagine an update that entirely changes the interface and adds several new features. Does that ring a bell? Do you vaguely remember it was in the same month as your data ran out that the interface of your device changed? 

Yeah, those updates could eat from 200MB to 1GB easily. 

Regular backups

Regular backups

For users who have couple of GBs to spare, then this might not concern you at all. Though, for those who only have 500MB every month, don’t browse Facebook, Netflix or anything at all, but still find your data getting eaten up quickly? This could be the reason. 

Android Os and Google work closely together more than you could ever imagine. Especially the built-in Google apps would usually carry multiple tasks in the background without you knowing it. 

For example, getting updates from the main server, syncing your data with the logged-in Gmail account, and backing up your data to the Cloud (or Google accounts). 

How much data is used up would depend on the phone you are using, what sort of setting is in place, and some other factors. Regardless, you can expect at least 50mb will be used on a monthly basis and that is low-balling it. 

Bottom line 

So, in short, why does Android OS use so much data? The answer could boil down to either you the data is getting eaten up by something else rather than the system, or it just so happened that there were quite a few large updates issued in the same month. 

If you find the built-in data monitor doesn’t accurately reflect data consumption information, Milagromobilemarketing has tons of latest and best apps for such purpose here. Don’t forget to check it out here and we will see you in the next article