SOLVED! USB Tethering Xbox One With Your Phone

USB Tethering Xbox One is a hotly discussed topic among Andriod users that want to take advantage of hotspots on their devices. For most of the time, all you have to do is to download and install the PdaNET+ and FoxFi Key applications. By running the apps, you could create a Live Connection tethering Xbox consoles to your phone at will. Continue reading if you want to master the process. 

how to tether Android to Xbox One

Here’s how to make this essential setting.

Tethering Android to Xbox One 

Why the special need for tethering

Apart from compatibility issue between mobile device and the Xbox One console, one of the most common reasons is the carrier’s restriction. 

Some phone service providers explicitly state that you are not allowed to use your data plan like a modem to share your monthly data allowance to other devices. We can’t really blame as they do tend to offer some pretty sweet deals to users. Naturally, they will be afraid that the customers will abuse the deal. 

That’s why a restriction is put on it. Now usually you wouldn’t have a problem sharing your hotspot to another mobile device or even computer. 

The restriction cap is actually only strictly applicable on console or things the provider is sure will eat up more data; or places where the data plan is most likely to be abused (PC not commonly being one of them is quite debatable, but that’s a topic for another article). 

Tethering your Android to Xbox 

Now, onto the actual instruction on how to tether android to Xbox one. First off you will be needing two mobile applications. Please visit our site at to download the necessary apps which will be mentioned in this article right now. 

Step 1: The two apps that you will need are PdaNET+ and FoxFi Key. Simply search the keyword PDAnet and both of them will pop up. 

Step 2: Once have you downloaded both applications, open the PdaNET+ app and you will see at the bottom that yours one isn’t a full version. That’s what the Foxfi app is there for. Whatever you need to unlock the full version should be. 

Then tick on the USB tether option  and connect the phone to your PC.

Step 3: Enable PdaNET+ on your pc and give it some times for the connection to establish. 

Step 4: Go to Network sharing on your pc, click on the home network connection, click on properties and go to the Sharing tab. Make sure the Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection is enabled. 

Network sharing

Step 5 : Connect your Xbox to the PC using an ethernet cable then head over to the System setting of your Xbox, Network Setting, then choose the Test Xbox Live Connection and let technology does it things.

Connect your Xbox to the PC

Note: If you can access the internet on your PC but the connected Xbox can’t find a connection via the Test Xbox Live Connection, make sure your Xbox is on Wired network and disable Wireless connection in the Available network settings. 

Nothing can stop our gaming blood 

There you go folks, that’s how to tether Android Xbox One. Nothing can keep us gamers from our passion for gaming. Not even a hurricane! Not when Milagromobilemarketing is still standing firm on this planet Earth. Have fun gaming folks and good luck with the storm.