SOLVED! Bluetooth Connected But No Sound Android

Once it comes to Bluetooth connected but no sound Android, the volume settings tend to be responsible. To get the sound back, you should check out the volume of your headphones, enable/disable Bluetooth and restart devices. If nothing works, you may want to perform a factory reset. Read to the end if you wish to put Bluetooth devices to good use.

How to fix your issue

Check the volume of your headphones

The first and foremost thing to do is to make sure the problem isn’t simply because the volume is down. As a safety mechanism to protect your eardrum, most Bluetooth headsets and Android devices, when they are connected, the volume is designed to lower or even turn off.

bluetooth speaker connected but no sound android

Press either the volume up or down button to bring up the volume bar. There should be a drop-down arrow to access more details. Make sure the volume for media or headset is on, as there are volume settings for ringtone and alarm clock too.

Off and on – the correct way

To reset your Bluetooth, slide down the quick-access menu from the top, then press and hold the Bluetooth icon to access the Bluetooth setting. 

For readers who are using an Android device that does not have such functionality, simply go to setting and access the Bluetooth setting. You should see a list of all paired devices. 

Tap on your Bluetooth device to access more options.

bluetooth speaker connected but no sound android

There will be a setting to use the Bluetooth headset for designated purposes (i.e. for calls, media, apps etc). The relevant setting might be worded differently, so look for keywords that would lead you there.

After you have located the mentioned setting, turn off all the options, then turn them back on one by one. Your Android device should automatically reconnect with your Bluetooth headphones, and it should work now.

If it still doesn’t work, try the ones below.

Factory reset

Backup all your data before performing a factory reset, as you will lose them all.

bluetooth speaker connected but no sound android

To access the bootloader menu and perform a factory reset, turn your phone off, and on while holding the volume up and home button for 5 to 10 seconds.

Now select the option factory reset or wipe data. 

Defective headphones

If all the above don’t work, and still, Bluetooth headphones paired but no sound, there is one more thing you should do before asking for a replacement. Try connecting the headphone with another Android device to see if it works with other phones.

Doing so would allow you to figure out if it is the headphone or the mobile phone that isn’t working.

Then, you should ask for a replacement accordingly. 

The Bottom Line 

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