SOLVED! google camera apk son sürüm

Google Camera is definitely one of Google’s greatest creation which brings fantastic photos with high quality to its Pixel smartphones. In the Google Pixel 3 hardware event, recently, Google has announced the son sürüm of Google camera which has many awesome features and Night Sight mode for Google Pixel 3 camera in particular. And, if you are looking forward to the Google camera apk son sürüm, today’s article will give you the latest and updated information about this Google’s great creation.

Night Sight mode – the son sürüm of Google camera 

Night Sight mode - the son sürüm of Google camera 

With Night Sight mode, user can take images in the dark with amazing results that were never possible with any smartphone. By capturing different frames and using artificial intelligence, this feature of Google camera is capable of enhancing the quality of images.

Now, with the son sürüm of Google camera, your Pixel phone can see in the dark better than any other phone till date. So, it lets you take bright, clear photos even in low light. Moreover, it can work on all Pixel phone’s primary and secondary camera. Here are two photos below. The left shot is taken by iPhone XS  and the right one uses the Night Sight mode of Google Pixel 3. You can compare the two to see how Night Sight can bring a dark image to light in just one click.

How to use Night Sight of the son sürüm google camera apk 

First of all, to use Night Sight feature, you must own a Pixel phone of any generation and the latest Google Camera (version 6.1+) installed on your Pixel phone. You can download the APK file of Google camera from Then you can turn the Night Sight mode on Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL.

Google Camera on Google’s Pixel

When your phone has installed the latest version of Google Camera apk. You can head to the ‘More’ section and choose Night Sight. Once you turn this feature, you will see a moon icon on the camera button. Now, you can start snapping photos with one click.  And you should keep your hands steady so that the camera can capture more light to give you optimal images. After taking a Night Sight photo, it might take a few seconds to process the image, and once this progress completes, you may be surprised by the results. 

The updated camera app of Google also pops a ticker on the screen. If it detects that you are in the dark, it will make easy to start taking great photos in the darkness. You just press the capture button and hold your phone till it takes the picture. The two images below are taken by the first-generation Google Pixel using Google Camera with Night Sight mode. After getting the latest update of Google camera, Night Sight improves photos to a great extent.

The updated camera app of Google

Some other changes of google camera apk son sürüm 

Most notably, the Night Sight feature is moved to the home page or the main interface of the Google Camera app. The screen flash feature is also renamed. And the white balance control is removed from the camera UI. The son sürüm of Google Camera software is now available to download via a third-party Android app. Lastly, the name of the selfie feature is changed from ‘Flash’ to ‘Illumination’ in Google Camera apk (v6.3).

Wrap up

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