SOLVED! How to Enable UPnP on Android in easy!

You may want to enjoy your favorite online Xbox game but have no router at hand. Upon turning on your mobile device hotspot, it turns out that the console cannot connect. Instead, it displays the warning “Connection Warning: Your NAT type is Strict.” How can you connect your console to the Internet using a smartphone hotspot? Unfortunately, it is impossible to enable UPnP on Android. However, you can activate and edit the UPnP in a router for gaming purposes. Here’s how to accomplish this.

Enable UPnP on Android

What is UPnP? Is there any way to Enable UPnP on Android?

UPnP, stands for Universal Plug and Play, is the set of networking protocols, that permits all devices on the same network to connect to each other for sharing or entertainment purposes. 

Imagine you could share your favorite blockbuster movies on the big screen TV in the living room or turn off all the lights with your smartphone. 

NAT, on the other hand, stands for Network Address Translation. Routers use NAT to translate a public IP Address into a private one, so it allows multiple devices sharing a single IP Address.

There are three types of NAT: Open NAT (Type I), Moderate NAT (Type 2) and Strict NAT (Type 3). You can only use type I and type II for multiple connect purposes if the UPnP is enabled.

You would ask: “If I use my smartphone as a router (mobile hotspot) by any chance, I can enable UPnP on Android or iOS?” Sadly, the answer is NO.

Is there any UPnP on Android hotspot


Basically, it is a bit difficult to enable UPnP on Android or via any smartphone. For easily, by choosing the internet provider providing a router along with UPnP integrated into it, you are going to save your life. Indeed, let think about your gaming experience when the internet quality is perfect, no need to worry about some stupid technical problems like NAT, enabling UPnP and Android mobile hotspot. You could enjoy the game all-day, Right?

How to enable UPnP on Android?

After choosing an appropriate Internet Service Provider and having a stable connection to the Internet in your house, you should follow the step-by-step guidelines to make sure UPnP is enabled on a public mobile hotspot.

Provided that there are restricted ports for a strict NAT type 3, you should get a NAT type 2 to use the gaming console effectively. 

An example of creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Otherwise, you should think about using a bonding VPN, like Speedify. It can avoid all providers of Internet service to see your traffic and impose the port restrictions. Then, VPN traffic can go through opened and predefined ports.

Step 1: Plug your PC and your router via RJ-45 port. Click on your favorite Browser to run it.

Step 2: Type the IP Address of the Router or the direct link (provided on the box) in the address bar to Log in the Setting page.

At that time, the Browser requires username and password. Use the information on the back of the Routers, if not contact the provider via hotline.

Step 3: At the homepage, choose Advanced > Advanced Setup > UPnP. The UPnP page will show up.

Step 4: Change the situation of the Toggle from OFF to ON. If it’s already ON, please remain the status.

That’s how you enable UPnP using the router Setting page instead of Android or iOS.

*Note: Pay attention that each provider has their router setting page. Contact their support center for more helpful information.


In conclusion, this article may disappoint you if you come here to find a way to enable UPnP on mobile devices (Android or iOS). But I hope that it could help you in another way.

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