SOLVED! Cannot Deactivate Device Administrator Android

In the case that you cannot deactivate device administrator Android,” your phone may have gone into lock mode as a security measure. About solution, you can root your phone to remove the preinstalled admin app. If that doesn’t work, you can use PSafe, an app for Android phones. Read to the end to be able to get rid of device administrator on your own.

What is device administration?

Brief overview of Android device administration

If you lose your device, Device Administration, which is a security measure will protect it by erasing or locking the device.

The device administrator Android prevents you from uninstalling or installing apps. For any app from unknown sources, Device Administration will warm or block you, whether they are harmless or not.

Cannot Deactivate Device Administrator Android

Why do you need to deactivate device administrator Android?

There are some reasons to explain for this intended purpose as follow:

  • Some apps are taking up too much power and space on your phone.
  • You don’t need to use them anymore.

And before stopping, removing or controlling these apps, you have to disable administrator privileges on Android.

How to uninstall a device administrator app that won’t deactivate

Cannot Deactivate Device Administrator Android

You can’t deactivate the preinstalled bloatware on your device, so you have to root your phone to remove these apps. Here is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Select Settings and tap on Security.
  2. Click on Device Administration as a security category to see a list of apps with administrator privileges.
  3. Select and confirm an app to deactivate device administrator and remove it.
  4. View all apps one more time in the Settings and locate the disabled app.

After finishing, you can uninstall and control any app as desired. Then, all your worry when you cannot deactivate device administrator Android is totally swept away and you could get the best from your Android mobile phone.

Protect your device with PSafe

Cannot Deactivate Device Administrator Android

It’s pretty easy to remove device admin priveledges if you correctly follow our guidelines. In some cases, the process may become harder very much when you accidentally install malware on your device.

On the Play Store, there are some fake apps, which mimic other popular and famous apps. If you download these annoying and malicious apps, there may be installed malware and spyware on your Android phone. And, if you don’t deal with them soon, they might steal your personal information. Even it can corrupt your Android due to the requisition of some certain permissions.

Here is the feasible solution to get rid of those inconveniences:

Please download an antivirus software like PSafe Total to scan your phone. It can find out malicious apps granted administrator privileges and remove all to keep your device from security threats 24/7.

Stay comfortable with your phone!

Hope with this extensive and detailed instruction, you can easily deactivate this device admin app greyed out. If you stumble upon any problems or come up with an idea to tackle this issue, don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below. 

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