[SOLVED] Use wifi & mobile data at the same time Android

It is possible to use the wifi and data at the same time Android if you know the way. By using Speedify application, you could combine WiFi and 3G/ 4G connectivity to secure a quick and stable Internet connection. Download, install and run this application to optimize your Internet connection. Aside from that, if your smartphone is a Samsung model, use the Download Booster to make use of wifi and data simultaneously. Check out this article to be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

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use wifi and data at the same time

How to combine wifi and data at the same time on an Android device

Use the Speedify app

Speedify is an application that can merge wifi and 3G/4G connectivity, increasing the internet speed significantly and also providing better experiences for network connectivity.

The special of this app is the transmission technology dividing data into small packets and transmitting both wifi and data connections to access the internet faster and more stable. 

Speedify can optimize the connection without affecting other operation of your phone or tablet. This useful Android application will ensure your device always connects to the network in any place with or without wifi.

Speedify app interface

Plus, Speedify allows you to control internet data usage by day, preventing you from having to pay more when excessive use of the data of the internet package.

And these steps below show you precisely how to operate the Speedify. 

  1. Download the Speedify from the Android app store. If you don’t know where is the best app store on the internet, then let’s go to https://milagromobilemarketing.com/ to get tons of cool apps including Speedify.
  2. Now turn on the wifi connection as well as the mobile data, then open the Speedify app that you have already downloaded.
  3. On the first interface, the app will ask you to allow it to encrypt all your web traffic and collection information. You have to accept if you want to continue, tap on Agree, and Continue option.  
  4. Then a new interface comes out and asks you if you want to limit the usage for a day. Choose “Yes” or “No,” depending on your demand. 
  5. Top continue when it ask for enable location permission. Then tab the OK when Speedify asks for setting up a VPN connection.

A “key icon” will appear on the top left corner of your phones, which means the operation has succeeded. Now you are using both wifi and mobile data simultaneously.  

On Samsung devices

If you own a Samsung smartphone/tablet. Then congratulations, you don’t have to download any apps as the manufacturers have added a feature allowing the device to use wifi and mobile data at the same time. 

Download booster option on Samsung device

  1. Select the setting and choose the “connection” option
  2. Select the “ Connections,” then select More Connection Settings 
  3. You will see the “Download Booster” option, tab on it to merge wifi and mobile data.

Wrapping up

All the tips above guiding you on how to use wifi and data at the same time android are very specific steps. Now weak mobile data or wifi is not a problem anymore as you can integrate them to build a stronger internet connection for your Android phone.  

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