[SOLVED] Samsung S21 Camera Opens When I Unlock

If you wonder “how come my Samsung S21 Camera opens when I unlock”, Quick Launch Camera is likely on and you could disable it via Advanced features. Furthermore, feel free to reboot your device into Safe Mode, wipe the cache dataperform a factory reset and so on if the issue persists. Read till the end to stop the camera from opening against your will. 

Possible reasons android camera opens on its own



Yes, it is as you suspected, there may have been a malicious program running that is trying to access your camera for no-good reasons. It is not the most terrifying reason, but surprisingly not as common as the possible reasons in this article.

Other apps interfering 

Camera is more or less just another app on the device that other apps would want to access, and among them, social media apps are usually the needy ones. 

Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it, as long as it is something that you can post about your daily life, it will require access to your camera. As a result, there may have been a bit of authority conflict issue here and there. 

Android device Features

In case you didn’t know, Android, as well as phone manufacturers, have launched quite a number of features for customers to enjoy the age of technology. Among them, there is a quick launch that can launch your camera quickly as the name suggests. 


You can watch this video also:

How to stop android phone camera keeps turning on

Quick launch 

For Samsung Galaxy devices, to turn off camera quick launch, simply go to Settings, then advanced features and turn off quick launch camera. 

Quick launch

From there you can see that to turn on the camera, you just need to press the power button twice, and that is the reason why every time you lock and unlock the keypad, the camera is on. Nothing supernatural at all (hopefully).

Safe mode

As for the second possible reason, reboot your device in safe mode and have it run for a while. At least, 30 minutes are recommended. See if the camera turns off and on like how it usually happens. 

If it doesn’t, then It is highly probable, one of your apps is constantly requesting to access the camera. Now you just have to pinpoint which apps is it and disable permission to access camera. Good luck if you are one of those girls with at least 50 apps installed on their phones. 

Oh, we almost forgot, to reboot your phone in safe mode, turn your device off and back on again. Then press and hold the power, volume up and home button to access the system menu. 

There should be an option to reboot in safe mode there.

For some Android device from another brand, you might want to try a few more times with different combination between the power, home and volume buttons, as it might differ. Or just search the related info for your specific device. 

Cache data 

Another thing you can try to resolve the software conflict issue is to wipe the cache dataSafe mode Once again, access the system menu as mentioned and choose the option to wipe cache data. 

Factory reset 

Worst come to the worse, if all of the above doesn’t work, then either it is an issue that cannot be solved easily or it is from a cleverly designed malicious program. 

Factory reset

Backup your important data then perform a factory reset on the device to wipe everything there is to wipe including the virus. 

Final words

That’s how to stop Android camera opens on its own issue and if those don’t help. As usual, our best guess is that there is something wrong with the hardware, and you should get a replacement. 

Though, if the same thing happens to your replacement Android device too, Milagromobilemarketing recommends seeing a priest because honestly, that is creepy as hell. 

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