[SOLVED] How much Space does Windows 10 Take on SSD

Windows 10 is a much-upgraded version of Windows 8. It is the latest operating system from Microsoft computers, with this upgrade comes up with a very interesting feature known as universal apps which are designed to work on personal computers, laptops, video game consoles, smartphones and so on.

How much Space does Windows 10 Take on SSD
How much Space does Windows 10 Take on SSD

To users with lower versions of windows like windows 7 and windows 8, there are few things to note before embarking on the upgrade process so as not to lose on both ends. Have you ever wondered how much space that window 10 takes on SSD? Let’s delve into our article to find the answer.

What is SSD?

SSD is simply an acronym for Solid State Drives, they belong to a new generation of storage devices used in computers and are fast replacing the traditional HDD which are slower. SSDs use flash-based memory which has no moving parts to store information. HDDs require read/write heads; these require them to go back and forth to gather information. These moving parts also make them the easiest components in the computer to fail.

How much Space does Windows 10 Take on SSD
How much Space does Windows 10 Take on SSD

SSDs have significant advantages in the following areas

  • Gaming
  • Mobility
  • Business

Now that you have been properly integrated on what windows 10 and SSD is all about, let us take a look at how much space Windows 10 will take on your SSD storage.

As we all know while trying to download a large file, document, video, etc, getting a download to fail error is one of the most annoying things, especially if your download is just about to be completed. During windows upgrade getting a download error is more disturbing, as these errors can lead to the crashing of your drive or even corrupting the drive.

System Requirements for a Windows 10 Upgrade

First, you need to know the specifications required for a windows 10 operating system to be installed on the computer. One of these specifications requires users to have a minimum of 16gb space free on the SSD for users with a 32-bit version and for users with a 64-bit version, a minimum of 20gb free space will be required. 

Knowing the above doesn’t totally solve the question of how much space does windows 

10 take on SSD as windows always updates to their software and these updates will definitely need additional storage space, so it is therefore advised to have an additional 10gb storage space free so that these updates can be installed without problems.

Also, windows new visions of Windows 10 yearly, so it is advised to have an additional 30GB of storage free to allow for a smooth installation of the new version and to also backup the previous version. 

With the information presented, it is necessary to have at least 60GB free when trying to install windows 10 on SSD. This will enable the seamless running of windows 10 on your SSD storage without running into any problem in the future during upgrading or updating.


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