SOLVED! Awesome Tech-trick How To Change Font Size In Text Messages On Android Devices 

Normally, the default font size on the cell phone is set by the manufacturer to fit most users. However, for some particular person such as the elder or those who have bad eyesight, they may get difficulties in seeing the text. So the best solution is to adjust the font size to suit your eyesight. Like other operating systems such as Windows on Windows phone and iOS on iPhone; Android system allows the user to decrease or increase the font size. Today, milagromobilemarketing will guide you on how to change font size in text messages on Android devices to make the text clearer for your eyesight.

How to change font size in text messages on Android at different brands

change font size in text messages on Android phone

Though many companies have applied the Android operation in their products, each manufacturer has different design and the way to adjust the font size, especially on the LG, Nexus, and HTC devices.

For most Android devices (Samsung, Xiaomi,etc.)

  • On the main screen, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the setting icon (look like a gear) on the top right. (Or you just need to tap the setting icon on the main screen.
  • From the displayed list, searching for display button and tab on it
  • A new screen will appear, choose the font button
  • Now you will see a horizontal slider to adjust the font size,it brings you seven options from tiny to huge. Drag the dot to the right to zoom in and zoom out with the left

The font size horizontal slider

  • When you get your desired font size, tab the done on top right to save the setting. 

HTC devices

  • On the main screen, choose the “app drawer” icon (it looks like a big square made from 6 smaller squares)
  • A new screen will appear, search for the setting button (look like a gear).
  • On the new setting interface, you may have to slide down to find the “personalize” button, tab on it. 
  • From the displayed list, tap the Font size option
  • A new screen with five options of text size will appear, including small, medium, large, extra large and huge. Depending on your demand, choose the right font size.

HTC devices font size

As you can see, there is a difference between HTC and Samsung. On the HTC desires, there are only four options of text size while Samsung smartphones have a font slider with many options.

So what about Nexus and LG mobile?

Nexus and LG devices

  • Like most Android phones, swipe down on the top of the main screen then choose the setting option (or tab on the app drawer icon then choose the setting button like on the HTC)
  • At the Settings interface, select the display section on the top.
  • Scroll down until you see the font size option, tab on it. 
  • Here, you will select the Font Size to adjust the size. It brings you six options: Minimum, small, medium, large, very large and maximum. So choose a suitable size for your best eyesight.

Font size on LG phones

In comparison, the Nexus and LG devices have more than two options of the text size than the HTC ones. 

Plus, most users said that they prefer the size slider on other Android phones such as Samsung because It provides user more text size options.   

If you don’t like the default option; especially on the HTC, Nexus, and LG devices. Then you can download the app “Big Font” on the website. This app brings you more options for changing the text size (from decrease the size 20% to zoom out 1000%) 


All these steps above are the primary method of how to change font size in text messages on Android so far. Now you need to check the brand of your cell phone, then follow each step correctly to choose the suitable font size. Don’t hesitate anymore as if you see unsuitable size text for a long time; then your eyesight may get worse. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends. And don’t forget to visit for more awesome technology information.