SOLVED! Apps Rearrange/Moving by Themselves Android/Samsung

About apps rearrange/ moving by themselves on Android, the auto-positioning tendency of apps is the trigger and people could tackle that via update. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to free up space, wipe app data and so on if the issue persists? New to Andriod and don’t know what must be done to make apps stay put? In that case, you have come to the right place. 

Reasons why Android app icons move by themselves

apps moving by themselves android

Prior to jumping to the solutions, here are a few reasons that may lead to the problem.

The first one might be bugs in the app. As a matter of fact, if there is a bug in the app you are using, the bug may end up causing the automatic moving of Android app. Fixing bugged apps is rather complex so that it’s primarily in the hands of the app developer. Therefore, one thing you can do is that make sure you keep your apps updated to fix any bugs in it.

Secondly, the over-burdening the CPU or incorrect usage of the memory is also able to cause ‘App icons move by themselves’ error. In fact, each Android phone has a certain level of usage. So, if users end up burdening the CPU by installing apps, it will not ideally qualify for the phone. It also creates instability in the app causing ‘Android apps moving by themselves’ issue. These are two common reasons that lead apps to move automatically. Sometimes, identifying the causes of the problem makes it easier to find the right solution.

Methods to prevent Android apps from automatically moving

Methods 1: Update the App

Update the App Android

Sometimes, Android applications seem to misbehave if they are outdated and face compatibility issues with Android OS or other apps. Therefore,  if Android apps keep randomly rearranging themselves then it’s time to check for updates. In fact, developers regularly update apps to solve their issues. Hence, you have to run the updated version of the app as any bugs or errors can be solved in it.

You can go to the Play Store or visit website to download the latest version of the app on Android mobile.

Once the app is updated, you can check if the issue has been fixed.

Method 2: Make Space on Your Device

Make Space on Android Device

Another reason why Android apps keep randomly rearranging themselves is insufficient cache space for creating new files or storing data created when you use the apps.

It’s quite easy to solve this problem. You just check for apps that you haven’t used for a long time and uninstall them. Moreover, you can use Android apps for cleaning up old and unwanted files from your phone.

Method 3: Clear App Cache and App Data

If your android apps keep randomly moving then you can fix the problem by clearing the app cache and data. The app cache files include data which puts the app performance in the right place. And don’t worry, clearing the cache files will not cause any loss of important data like passwords and other information.  Here is how you wipe the cache partition on Android phone.

Clear App Cache and App Data

  • Head to the Settings  -> Tap on Apps
  • Look for the app moving by themselves and tap on it
  • Then, select Clear Cache
  • Choose Clear Data and tap on OK.

Once done, you need to start all over again with the app and check if this solves the problem.


We hope these solutions and tips will help you solve the problem of apps moving by themselves android. Moreover, if you have any other helpful solutions, then let us know. And, don’t forget visiting website for more details and downloading APK files. Thanks!