SOLVED! Android Is Starting Optimizing App Solution? Here’s the answer.

If you are using Android-controlled smartphones like Samsung or Huawei, you may see a new version update reminder every 2 or 3 months. 

Upgraded versions offer new functions and optimizations which turns your smartphone into a better version. However, some people find it annoying as they are used to the old version and it takes time to get used to the new version. 

Additionally, some Android users have to face with Android optimizing app problem which is shown after every reboot. If you are in this case and want to find out Android is starting optimizing app solution, keep scrolling down as milagromobilemarketing will recommend several tips to handle this problem. 

The key reason leading to the Android is starting error

From Android 5.0 and other upgraded versions, many Android users receive the message “Android is starting. Optimizing app 1 of X” (X is the total number of apps on their smartphone). Some people claim that this error happens every time they restart their devices. 

When your device upgrades new version, it will create an optimized version for each app. This process will help to fasten the app operation. In some cases, this process can lock your smartphone and you cannot do anything. 

As a result, solving this problem is a must. You cannot leave your device for a while and hope it can automatically fix itself. Check out 4 methods below.

Android is starting optimizing app solution

android is starting optimization solution

Several reasons are causing Android to start optimizing apps. For this reason, we have a certain solution for it. Then, take a look to see which solution to “Android is starting followed by Optimizing app” works best for you.

Even though these recommended solutions below are just hit and trial methods, let’s try until you find the perfect to stop Android from optimizing apps.

Uninstall several apps you have recently used

  1. Click on Settings -> Click on Installed Apps
  2. Select several installed application recently
  3. Click on Uninstall

On the other hands, you can reinstall wanted apps from Google Play Store

Reset network settings

android is starting optimizing app solution

Please be noted that Wi-fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth will be all involved when you reset networks settings. 

  1. Open the Settings app on your smartphone
  2. Click on the backup and reset option
  3. Click on network settings reset
  4. Click on reset settings and confirm

Set your smartphone in safe mode

Safe mode can boot your smartphone without any needed third-party apps. Also, third-party apps also cannot operate. With just 2 simple steps, you can set your device in safe mode.

  1. Press Power button continuously until your smartphone screen display the boot options
  2. Press Power off continuously until your smartphone asks you to reboot to safe mode. In several smartphones, you can restart button to set the safe mode.

Reset device to factory reset

android is starting optimizing app solution

  1. Click on Settings -> System -> Reset
  2. Click on Factory reset -> Reset Phone. Some devices may ask for password or PIN information
  3. In case you want to delete all data from your device’s memory, you can click on Erase Data. Remember to restart your smartphone after deleting all data


In conclusion, hopefully after reading this article, you can find out the perfect Android is starting optimizing app solution for you and help other Android friends to handle this issue. Thanks for reading the whole post. Don’t forget visiting our website for more details. Wish you have a delightful day!