SOLVED! Windows Update Stuck At 94

Windows update get stuck at 94% usually indicates malware, corrupted files, overacting antivirus programs, etc. To get the update going again, you should disconnect devices, run Windows Update troubleshooter, run malware scan, disable the antivirus program, use System Restore and so on. Continue reading to complete the update and get the most out of Windows.

What Might Have Gone Wrong

There are several reasons why your Windows update may get stuck at 94%. The usual suspect includes:

  • Malware: Malware can get in the way of the Windows update process and cause it to ground to a halt.
  • Corrupted files: If corruption exists in specific files, especially system ones, the update of Windows may go haywire. 
  • Antivirus programs: In some cases, your antivirus program can overreact and prevent the integration of Windows updates. 

How To Deal With The Issue


Depending on the size, the update process may still take some time to complete. Hence, there is no need to panic when the update percentage stops at a number for a moment. Regarding Windows update stuck at 94 percent, you should wait. 

Disconnect Devices

Another possible reason for Windows update not progressing is the presence of connected devices. Because of that, you should consider disconnecting Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, devices, printer, scanner, etc. 

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

In case you don’t know, Windows features a number of built-in troubleshooters that could identify and fix problems. Once it comes to Windows update stuck at 94 percent, you may want to give Windows update troubleshooter a go.

  • Step 1: Press Windows  + I to open Settings.
  • Step 2: Go to Updates & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooter.
  • Step 3: Locate the Windows Update troubleshooter, select it and choose Run the troubleshooter. Remember to allow the process to go all the way and then follow the instructions. Last but not least, restart your computer. 

Take Malware Into Account

If the update percentage is unable to pass 94%, there could be malware on your PC. Malware can mess up a lot of processes on Windows computers and the integration of updates is not an exception.

Needless to say, it’s a good idea to run a scan for malware when you have a hard time completing Windows updates. Many programs designed for malware detection and removal exist but we suggest you use Malwarebytes. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Malwarebytes, scan your system in its entirety. If Malwarebytes notice malicious programs, it’s going to remove all traits of such programs from the system. 

Disable Antivirus Program

Generally speaking, antivirus programs shield computers from attack but they could cause issues on occasions as well. Because of that, you should disable your antivirus program and update Windows. If the issue persists, proceed to uninstall the program. Of course, you must remember to reinstall your antivirus program once the update concludes.

Make Use Of System Restore

  • Step 1: To go to System Restore, type System Restore in the search bar and press Enter.
  • Step 2: From the system restore you can pick a point to revert to then follow the instructions.
  • Step 3: The moment the process completes, you could install updates like usual.


  • Backup data before updating Windows as a precaution.
  • If your computer is a laptop, plug it in to minimize interruptions during the update process.
  • Updates fail time and again? Then feel free to contact professionals for assistance.

How Come The Windows Update Is Taking So Long?

The update could draw out if your computer must process a lot of data. When you install a Windows update, your computer needs to integrate all sorts of files and folders. That takes time so don’t lose patience. 

How Long Would An Update Take?

Windows updates usually take a minimal amount of time to complete. In most of the cases, the process lasts for a couple of minutes. Still, on occasions, there may be complex updates that require more time to integrate. In that case, Microsoft will let you know before beginning the update process. 

Is It Possible To Tell If The Windows Update Is Stuck?

There are a few ways to know if your update progress is stuck. One is to check the update history. If updates have been downloading for a long time and remain incomplete, they could be stuck. Another way to tell is if your computer is using a lot of disk space and the hard drive is unusually active. 

Is It Safe To Turn Off The Computer While Updating?

It is not safe to turn off your computer while it is updating Windows. If you turn off your computer during the update process, you may experience stability problems or even lose data. Windows updates are important for keeping your computer secure and running smoothly, so it is best to let them finish automatically.

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