SOLVED! Windows 10 Game DVR No Sound – Step By Step Tutorial

Regarding Windows 10 Game DVR no sound, you may want to change the Game DVR settings. Besides that, it won’t hurt to tweak surround sound settings, run audio troubleshooter, update sound driver, check for Windows updates, etc. Read to the end of the article to get the most out of Game DVR on your PC.

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What Migh Have Gone Wrong

Game DVR Settings

Generally speaking, Game DVR settings define the performance of Game DVR. Thus, if you mess up the setting, it’s only natural that Game DVR would go haywire. There is no sound as you use Game DVR on your Windows computer? Then you must give Game DVR settings some thought.

Surround Sound Settings

For gamers, surround sound guarantees an immersive experience if they nail the settings. However, in the case that you fail to configure the surround sound settings, Windows 10 Game DVR no sound is one of the consequences. 

Sound Card Driver

In case you don’t know, sound card drivers determine aspects of the audio on Windows computers. Thus, issues with the drivers can lead to audio-related problems. A prime example is the lack of sound playback in Game DVR recordings.


Apply Changes To Game DVR Settings

  • Step 1: Launch Xbox and go to Settings.
  • Step 2: Proceed to hit the Game DVR tab and make sure that Record audio when I record game clips is enabled under the Audio menu.
  • Step 3: Close Settings, open Game DVR to record your game and see how things turn out.

Tweak Surround Sound Settings 

  • Step 1: Go to Search bar, type Control Panel and press Enter.
  • Step 2: In Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound and choose Manage audio devices under Sound.
  • Step 4: Right-click Speakers, pick Properties and navigate to Advanced tab.
  • Step 5: Proceed to change the sample rate and bit depth under Default Format from 24 bit, 96000 Hz to 16 bit, 48000 Hz.
  • Step 4: Select Apply, choose OK and close everything. 
  • Step 5: Look to the taskbar tray, right-click the sound icon and pick Spatial sound.
  •  Step 6: Open Speakers Properties again, go to Spatial sound tab and change Spatial sound format to Realtek HD Audio Manager.
  • Step 5: Change the surround sound setting from 5.1 system to stereo.
  • Step 6: Choose Apply then select OK to save your settings.

Run Audio Troubleshooter

Nowadays, Windows packs a number of troubleshooters including one for audio. The audio troubleshooter can be used to tackle many problems that involve audio on Windows computers. Go through the steps down below to run audio troubleshooter and restore  Game DVR sound. 

  • Step 1: Go to Search bar, type audio troubleshooter and press Enter.
  • Step 2: In audio troubleshooter, select Find and fix problems with playing sound and choose Next.
  • Step 3: Under Which of these devices do you want to troubleshoot? Check Speakers (Current Default Device) then hit Next.
  • Step 4: Allow the process to go all the way.
  • Step 5: Restart your computer.

Update Windows 

  • Step 1: Press Windows + I to open Settings, select Update & Security then choose Check for updates in Windows Update.
  • Step 2: If your computer’s status says “You’re up to date,” close Update & Security. On the other hand, if your computer’s status is “Updates are available,” select Install now.
  • Step 3: Wait for the installation to wrap up, restart your computer and determine whether the issue persists.


  • Use Add Device to add an Xbox console to your Xbox application and download games directly into the device.
  • If your Xbox console is connected to the same network as your Windows PC, you may use the Console section of your Xbox Application to turn the console on or off.
  • To view all the games installed on your Xbox console, go to the Followers and Following Tab in your Xbox application Profile, and use the filter to select Games.
  • Via the Xbox application, you could access Game Hubs to interact with your friends and see what they are playing. Also, feel free to take advantage of Activity Feed to stay informed about game updates, watch game clips and keep track of friend activities.
  • Click the Clubs button on the left bar of your Xbox Application to find other gamers that share similar interests as yours. In Clubs, pick a desired club by searching for tiles, style of play or genre.

How Do I Use The Xbox App In Windows 10?

For your information, the Xbox application on Windows provides a platform where gaming enthusiasts can play Xbox game titles. The app also delivers the latest news about the gaming community. Besides that, the Xbox app permits you to record gameplay and manage games on your PC.

How Long Can The Xbox Application Game DVR Record?

A gamer can record their gameplay using the Xbox Application Game DVR for a period between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Where Are The Xbox Game Application Game DVR Recordings Stored?

The recording of gameplay is stored in the Captures folder within your Gaming Settings.

What Is Xbox Remote Play?

Xbox Remote Play in essence enables gamers to use their Windows computer to play games installed on their Xbox game console. To use Xbox Remote Play, you must log into your account on the Xbox application.


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