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Generally speaking, with volume affecting audio performance of televisions, it’s natural for homeowners to change the volume every now and then for optimal experience. On televisions made by Samsung, the volume symbol shows up whenever people turn the volume up and down. In most of the cases, after people finish adjusting the volume symbol would linger for several moments before disappearing. Nonetheless, reports of Samsung TV volume stuck on the screen still appear on occasions which attract a lot of attention.

A Summary Of The Stuck Volume Symbol

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Frustrated by the fact that the volume symbol refuses to go away following volume adjustment and blocks part of the screen of your Samsung TV? Then there is a very good chance that you should find this article useful. Down below is an overview of what you must keep in mind about the stuck volume symbol on Samsung televisions.

The Source Of Problem: Suspects 

Quite a few factors impair features of Samsung televisions in use but regarding the stuck volume symbol, you have to consider the following possibilities.

Issues With Volume Control Button

To put it plainly, as long as the TV receives commands to change volume, the volume symbol is going to remain on the screen. Hence, while troubleshooting Samsung TV volume stuck, it’s a good idea to take volume control buttons into account. For instance, if the volume control button of your TV remote sustains damages for some reason, it could continuously transmit a stream of signals. In any case, unless you resolve the issues with volume control buttons, the volume symbol would continue to cover the screen.


No matter how modern televisions become, they still develop a number of bugs and Samsung models don’t deviate from that. Many bugs that plague Samsung TVs cause minor malfunctions and resolve by themselves after a bit of time. That being said, certain bugs lead to extensive disruption in the operation of functions such as volume control. As a result, if you ever notice the volume symbol of your TV staying on the screen longer than usual, bugs may be responsible.

Smart Hub Errors 

For your information, Smart Hub is there to manage applications on your Samsung TV as well as their associated features. Overall, if Smart Hub is running smoothly, your television should operate as expected around the clock. On the other hand, if Smart Hub runs into errors, oddities tend to occur and the stuck volume symbol is a prime example. On the bright side, it rarely takes a lot of work to deal with Smart Hub errors on Samsung TV and return things to normal.

Memory Is Out Of Space 

Samsung televisions permit the installation of a wide range of applications but each of them takes up memory space. The moment the memory of your TV runs out, it’s going to face difficulties executing specific commands from start to finish without acting up. So the volume symbol keeps sticking around on the screen of your TV even when you make no volume adjustment? In that case, your television is out of memory space and you must do something about it.

Problems In External Devices 

Designed with excellent compatibility, Samsung TVs could connect to all sorts of devices in times of need. Still, if external devices come across problems, the performance of televisions that they connect to inevitably suffer. Thus, if there is nothing wrong with your TV, it’s suggested that you inspect external devices, especially those that involve audio. By addressing problems in external devices, you should be able to get the volume control to disappear from the TV screen with relative ease.

How To Unstuck The Volume Symbol

Articles that cover the issue of Samsung TV volume stuck contain a multitude of solutions. Nonetheless, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, a couple of measures stand out from the rest.

Check Out The Volume Control

In various cases, something as simple as stuck remotes could result in the lingering volume symbol on the screen. Because of that, it’s essential to take a look at the volume control buttons on your remote. If the buttons seem to be stuck at the depressed position, you may try to wiggle them free. However, if the buttons appear damaged, pick up a replacement remote or get in touch with the customer service of Samsung.

Turn The TV Off And On 

Once it comes to bugs on electronics, the “turn it off and on” method proves to be one of the top fixes. Therefore, if you conclude that the volume symbol is stuck, turn off your TV then wait a bit before turning it back on. If the volume symbol remains, turn off the television, remove its plug from the outlet, replug it and turn it on again. Assuming that the problem is the work of bugs, the volume symbol is going to vanish the moment the screen comes on.

Reset Smart Hub 

Suspect that the volume symbol of your Samsung TV is acting up due to errors with SmartHub? Then it’s widely advised that you reset SmartHub at the earliest opportunity.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Select Support
  • Step 3: Choose Self-Diagnosis
  • Step 4: Pick Reset Smart Hub
  • Step 5: Enter the PIN to initiate the reset

Note: For good measure, you should think about resetting your television as well. To do so, go to Settings, select Support, choose Self-Diagnosis and pick Reset.

Free Up Memory Space 

In case you don’t know, Samsung televisions automatically download applications from time to time which reduces the available memory space.  Therefore, it’s best to delete a few applications to free up space then see how things turn out. At the minimum, make sure that the remaining space in the memory is around 10%. If full memory is the cause for the stuck volume symbol, the symbol is going to disappear from the screen.

Give External Devices A Look

If you believe that your Samsung television is not at fault, assess everything that you connect it to from speakers to consoles. Depending on the situation, you may want to disconnect all external devices from your TV for the ease of inspection. Keep an eye on the screen during the removal of devices to deduce which one is giving you a hard time. When you identify the troublemaker, feel free to deal with it as you see fit (reset, repair, replace, …)

Getting The Most Out Of Samsung TV: Suggestions 

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Stuck volume symbol is one of many issues that owners of Samsung televisions could come across. If you like to spend more time watching programs and less time troubleshooting errors, you need to implement precautions.

  • Use only one remote: To apply changes to the settings of your TV from a distance, you should use the remote that accompanies it. If you use multiple remotes, the odds of desynchronization would increase as time passes by. Unable to locate the remote of your TV? Then you have to buy a new remote that is the same model as the original one.
  • Delete non-essential applications: Consider the free space in the memory of your TV before downloading any application. Besides that, you need to manually check the number of apps on your TV every now and then. If you detect apps that your TV downloads during updates but you don’t want, proceed to delete them as soon as possible. That would let you avoid an assortment of headaches that involve full memory.
  • Keep The TV Up-To-Date:  If an update is available for your TV, download it immediately. Updates not only refine the function of televisions but also eliminate hiccups that take place in the course of operation. To update Samsung TVs, all you need to have is a strong Internet connection. However, in a pinch, you could use a USB to update your television.

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