SOLVED! Moto X Won’t Charge

All in all, if your Moto X won’t charge, the charging port could be the root of the problem and you should check it out. Other solutions include taking a look at the charger, examining and inspecting the battery, etc. You have a hard time carrying out the solutions on your own? In that case, this article may be able to help you out.

The Usual Suspects

Charging Port 

A charging port is what connects your phone to the charger. Your Moto X could fail to charge due to the accumulation of dust particles and some other form of dirt in the charging port. Water corrosion, incompatible chargers, rough handling, … may damage the charging port as well  You should be able to conclude that your charging port is not in working order if you notice these signs:

  • Your phone won’t charge even though you use a compatible charger that is in good condition.
  • Your phone only charges for seconds then stops. 
  • The charging port is kind of loose so the connection is unsecured. 
  • Your computer cannot detect your Moto X but detects other phones using the same USB cable.


In layman’s terms, if the charger is damaged, there is no way electricity could move from the outlet into the device smoothly. You should keep in mind the signs of a damaged charger: cracks, chips and so on.  


In case you don’t know, the use of lithium means the Moto X battery is vulnerable to excess voltage. It’s not uncommon for people to overcharge their Moto X and damage the battery in the process. If the battery is overcharged, its walls experience increased pressure and heat which results in ruptures, leaks and sometimes, explosions

It’s possible to determine whether a battery is damaged via these signs: 

  • Swelling battery. 
  • Reduced battery life. 
  • Phone shutting down/restarting on its own.
  • Phone not charging.

Note: It’s noteworthy that poor charging habits easily damage the battery as well. Nowadays, some of the common poor charging habits consist of:

  • Using the phone while charging it.
  • Using incompatible chargers. 
  • Continuously charging a charged battery.
  • Charging the phone overnight. 

What Must Be Done

Check Out The Charging Port

  • Step 1: Use a torchlight to get a clear view of the charging power. Look around for dust accumulations as well as pieces of debris that may be stuck inside the port. 
  • Step 2: Grab a toothbrush and a toothpick to carefully remove all foreign materials. 
  • Step 3: Proceed to get rid of remaining dust particles by using a blower. After you finish, connect your Moto X to a compatible charger then see how things turn out. If the device still won’t charge, send it to a repair shop. 

Take A Look At The Charger

In the beginning, connect another device and its charger to the outlet to ensure that the latter works. If there is nothing out of the ordinary, move on to the charger. 

One way to test the charger is to use it to charge another compatible device. Alternatively, use another charger to charge your phone and the result should tell you if the original charger is still usable. In most of the cases, if the charger is responsible for the charging issue, it’s best to pick up a replacement. Nowadays, you could get chargers from many sources.

Note: For good measure, it’s strongly recommended that you prioritize high-quality chargers. Such chargers have integrated regulator that moderates the power getting into your battery. On the other hand, low-quality chargers have no regulators so while they come at cheap prices, they eventually wreck your battery and make you spend more in the long run.

Examine And Inspect The Battery

The charging port and the charger have a clean bill of health? Then the battery is the last suspect on the list. Remove the battery from the battery compartment for an in-depth scrutinization. If the battery is not in top shape, don’t hesitate to replace it. 

Proper Charging Habits: Compilation 

  • Avoid using your phone amidst recharge because that causes the battery to heat up quickly. If possible, turn the device off before charging it.
  • Only use high-quality chargers. 
  • Don’t cover the phone while charging. Place the device out in the open to dissipate heat. 
  • As soon as the battery reaches 100%, disconnect the device from the charger. Continuous charging builds up heat and pressure which strain lithium-based batteries.

How Do I Maximize The Battery Life?

Outside of use, you can save battery by decreasing the brightness level, turning off push notifications, enabling power-saving mode, …

Is Motorola Moto X 4G-Enabled?

Motorola Moto X is 4G enabled and runs on selected GSM and CDMA networks.

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