SOLVED! How to see comments on Facebook Live

Are you struggling with viewing comments on Facebook Livestream? Due to some errors, you are not able to see Facebook live comment? This fault happens mainly because of the default system related to Facebook or Your Account or Device. Down here, we will instruct you on how to fix this problem quickly and easily.

What is Facebook Livestream?

In April 2016, Facebook introduced a brand new feature called Facebook Live. This will enable users from broadcasting live to Facebook’s new-feed by using their own phone or computer connected with a camera. Depending on the privacy setting of each user, friend or strangers could access your Facebook Live and leave a comment directly.

Soon after the release, Facebook Live has attained such an enormous amount of reputation when people are insane about this service. You can see a live stream from anywhere in the world by clicking into the Facebook Live. This service does not only allow for global connection but it also opens up to a new marketing strategy using Facebook Live for entrepreneurs.

Using this service is really simple, anyone could utilize this by owning a device and a Facebook Account. Make sure that your Facebook version is updated to the version of Facebook Live and you have permitted Facebook using a microphone and camera.

  1. Press camera icon near the searching bar

    How to see comment on Facebook Live
    Press camera icon near the searching bar
  1. Change to Live on the bottom of your screen

    How to see comment on Facebook Live
    Change to Live on the bottom of your screen
  1. Adjust the privacy setting

    How to see comment on Facebook Live
    Adjust the privacy setting
  2. Note down such an impressive description, tag your friend, choose the location 
  3. Click on “Start Live Video” and enjoy

How to Fix Not Seeing Comment on Facebook Live?

Initially, you need to ensure that your Facebook version is updated to the latest or at least, updated to the version included Facebook Live feature.

  1. Uninstall Facebook and Reinstall it.

This way works anytime there are problems on Facebook or any other things like our phone for example. Maybe after cleaning the app completely from the device, the fresh version of Facebook will not have the previous issue.

  1. Try Different Features while Broadcasting

Probably, the service hasn’t responded to your request and you could wake it up by hitting the home button on your phone. This will interrupt your broadcast for a while. After that, click on Facebook and continue. 

  1. Log in other’s account and live in your device

If the above methods haven’t worked, let’s consider your account. You borrow Facebook from some of your friends and log in to your device to see whether the comment shows up or not?. If it does show up, the error may be related to your account. You can contact and report the problem to Facebook, the 5th method we are introducing below.

  1. Use other’s device and live by your account

This method is in contrast to the above method. This way is applied to determine whether the fault is of your phone or not. If it is off your phone, you may need to consider having an updated device since your device is not compatible with the Facebook Live feature. 

  1. Report the problem to Facebook

The last method is reporting the issue to the Facebook center. They will help you figure out and if this problem happens frequently, there will be an immediate solution for you.


I hope the above resolutions will help you resolve your problem. If you had any ideas, suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us at the comment section down below.

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