SOLVED! How to balance sound in headphones Android

Normally, when the developers come out with headphone products, they tend to make a balance between 2 ears. But during the usage, one ear might be broken and the Android Audio and Sound are not transferred perfectly to your auditory. No problem with that, we will instruct you the easiest way how to balance sound in headphones Android. 

Why Do We Need to Rebalance the Sound Setting?

The most common reason is the malfunction of one ear only. Maybe it gets hit or smashed or anything that makes the headphones unable to perform in 2 ears. You can still listen to music or the audio as the default setting is often divided evenly into 2 cables. However, you will never be managed to enjoy the best performance of the music as one is broken and the sound function in that ear lost. Luckily, you still can by adjusting the balance between the right sound and the left sound. This appears as an effective transient solution for you before investing in the new headphones.

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One-ear deaf is another reason. They are not fully deaf therefore, they will still be able to approach sound and other forms of audio. Their experience will be so much improved if the adjustment between right and left ear adapts. Musician and producer as well, to provide the audience with the highest quality of sound, it’s essential for them to try on different ways of listening to it. 

Should We Rebalance the Left and Right Sound?

Yes, when you are dealing with the above problems. The immediate and necessary change will prompt a better experience

No, when you are completely fine and your headphones perform perfectly. The producer has estimated the exact configuration and balance for your device and unless you are having issues mentioned above, you’d better not change it.

How to Change the Left and Right Sound Setting?

Adjustment on volume is too easy and familiar to everyone. Any phone introduced must combine the volume change and many developers and phone brands are trying to simplify it, users can control the volume as fast and convenient as they can. 

Bear in mind that the Left/right sound balance only appears when you had connected your Android phone with the headphones. 


  1. Enter the Setting from the main screen and go to Accessibility

    how to balance sound in headphones android
    How to balance sound in headphones Android
  1. Search for Hearing Enhancements and Tab

    How to balance sound in headphones Android
    How to balance sound in headphones Android
  1. There is a sliding bar called Left/right sound balance

    How to balance sound in headphones Android
    How to balance sound in headphones Android
  2. It’s up to you now to make a change in that.

Some Android phones may not assist this feature, so in this case, you will need a third-party sound application. One of the highly recommend apps today we would like to share with you is Sound Assistant developed by Samsung Electronics.

How to balance sound in headphones Android
How to balance sound in headphones Android

This application is easy to use and you can download it directly from Google Play Store, it provides many features needed to bring the best sound quality. You can adjust the volume without changing the loud of ringtone by using Sound Assistant. The scenario can be set for each day of the week and the theme is designed in the galaxy – the main feature of Samsung.

sound assistant
Sound Assistant


I hope that our article will supply you with helpful advice and an effective solution. For any comments or questions for us, please leave in the comment section below. 


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