SOLVED! Enigma Weather Not Working

The Windows 10 operating system is highly customizable so people can add things such as Rainmeter and put together an appealing desktop. Rainmeter is an open-source utility that provides a collection of tools including CPU meter, RSS feeds, battery indicator, RAM tracker and weather indicator. Those who don’t want to start from scratch can download and activate skins such as Enigma. However, Enigma is far from perfect and complaints about Enigma weather not working still pop up from time to time.

The Number One Suspect: Location 

In case you don’t know, the weather widget of Enigma of Rainmeter works based on location settings. The setting must be set accurately for the weather widget to perform to its full potential. You notice  Enigma weather not working out of the blue? In that case, you should think about location.

How To Get Enigma Weather Working

Once it comes to  Enigma weather not working, you should consider setting the location again. To set the location, go through the steps down below: 

  • Step 1: Launch your browser and visit, enter the appropriate name in the dialog box and search for your location.
  • Step 2: From the list of locations, select yours and copy its weather code. The code consists of letters and numbers so remember to get everything.
  • Step 3: Shut down your browser then right-click the Rainmeter icon in your Notification area.
  • Step 4: Navigate to Skins\Enigma\@Resources\User\ file location.
  • Step 5: Open the file and paste the copied weather code in the [Variables] section.
  • Step 6: Save your changes and close the file.
  • Step 7: Right-click your Enigma weather widget and click Refresh skin.

Rainmeter: A Beginner’s Guide

What Is Rainmeter

Rainmeter is a fantastic customization platform for the Windows operating system that enables people to create their own custom user interface. Alternatively, Windows users can download pre-made skins and install them on their computers.  

One feature of Rainmeter that everyone likes is the ability to create audio visualizers. Depending on the situation, the Rainmeter widgets can be used to run applications, record notes or control multimedia. Aside from that, the widgets can be moved around the desktop and they also have adjustable transparency. Last but not least, all of the digital resources can be configured using straightforward guidelines. 

Benefits Of Rainmeter 

There are many benefits of installing the Rainmeter toolkit. First and foremost, this toolkit can display critical details about the status of your computer. Its widgets can be used to reveal data such as processor usage levels and available memory capacity. They can also be used to display the battery status, active processes and other system statistics. This software achieves all this while maintaining minimal resource consumption. As a matter of fact, Rainmeter uses only 2% to 4% of your Central Processing Unit’s active capability. 

Rainmeter can dramatically improve the appearance of your desktop. Your desktop design can reflect your hobbies, favorite sports team, profession or corporate brand. Interestingly, Rainmeter now comes with a pre-loaded skin known as Enigma. It enables the user to add calendars, clocks and numerous system monitors. All aesthetic changes made using Rainmeter to your desktop are fully reversible.

Safety Record Of Rainmeter 

Generally speaking, Rainmeter is safe to use. The toolkit has been examined using more than fifty antivirus programs and emerged robust. Thus, Rainmeter is safe to install and use on Windows computers.


  • Visit the Rainmeter Reddit to view skin showcases by Windows users around the world. Pick your favorite one and build or download it. Some customized Rainmeter skins are available to download for free while others require that you purchase them before implementation.
  • Use the Manage Rainmeter window to locate the Settings, Layout, Skins and Widgets required to build custom desktops.
  • Do you have multiple monitors connected to your computer? Take advantage of the Display monitor option to set your Rainmeter skin to a certain screen.
  • Set your Rainmeter skin to Draggable and you could drag it around the desktop to your liking. Alternatively, set it to Click through to keep the skin stationary in your workspace.
  • Use the Rainmeter Parallax Effect to create a custom animated desktop wallpaper. That transforms your mouse pointer into a camera that activates depth in the wallpaper as you scroll across your desktop. As a result, the Parallax Effect delivers the illusion of animated wallpaper.

Does Rainmeter Reduce The Battery Life Of Laptops?

No, it does not. Running Rainmeter on your laptop will not reduce its battery life.

How Can I Update Rainmeter?

It is easy to keep your Rainmeter up to date. Assuming that your computer is connected to the Internet, launch Rainmeter. It will automatically check for the presence of a newer version online. If a new version of Rainmeter is available, it will be downloaded automatically and stored in the background. You should receive a message indicating that a new version of Rainmeter is ready to install. You could proceed to install it immediately or wait until the next startup.

Will Rainmeter Make Startup Slower?

No, it will not. Rainmeter consumes little resources like CPU and RAM. Hence, Rainmeter will not slow down the startup process.

Which Programming Language Is Used In Rainmeter?

The Rainmeter toolkit uses the Lua programming language to load and execute scripts.

How Can I Import Skins Into Rainmeter?

There are two main ways to import skins into Rainmeter. Download the skin in .rmskin format, double-click it and select Install. Alternatively, you could download the skin in a .zip or .rar format and unzip it into the Rainmeter Skins folder.

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