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App description

Are you a big fan of TV shows, especially shows of Xfinity TV? You’re always on the go and don’t have time to watch your favorite shows. Don’t worry, Xfinity Steam will help you keep up with your beloved shows via your smartphone. If you are curious about this app, let’s follow this post for more details. 

In today’s article, we will help you know more about this streaming service, and give you instructions on how to install and download Xfinity stream for Android and PC.

Now, let’s get started!


About Xfinity Stream app

Xfinity stream: Overview

Xfinity Stream is a live TV streaming service offered by Comcast. Available in many popular platforms such as Android, this site allows users to watch live show on any devices anytime they want. Besides, you can stream or download your Cloud DVR recordings to your device to watch with the support of this service.

Xfinity stream: main functions

In addition to the features above, Xfinity stream offers you many outstanding features like:

  • More than 200 channels of live TV for you to watch.

  • Thousands of films and TV shows available for streaming.

  • Watch and save recording whenever you want.

  • Easily track your favorite TV shows, movies, channels and sport teams.

  • Smart searching functions available in On Demand subscription.

  • Offline mode available.


About Xfinity stream APK file

What is Xfinity stream APK file?

If you have no idea about Xfinity stream APK file, it’d be better if we help you know more about this file. 

The APK file of Xfinity stream is the Android package file format for the download and installation of this app. Xfinity stream Apk files are exclusively created to work on the Android operating systems.

Should we use Xfinity stream APK files?

You should use the APK files of Xfinity if you have troubles in installing app from Play Store due to the following reasons:

  • Play Store has systematic errors.

  • Apps or games can’t be downloaded because of national limits or location restrictions.

  • App or game is removed from Google Play.

  • Users want to use Android app on PC or Android TV.

  • The device doesn’t meet the requirement of app version.

  • Users want to use the old version of Android app.


How to download and install Xfinity Stream apk

Download Xfinity Stream APK on Android mobile phones

The downloading and installing process of Xfinity Stream APK will occur within minutes. All you need to do is navigating to your website, searching for the app’s name (Xfinity stream), then click on Download to start the downloading process. After that, you install the app to use it right away on your phone.

For more details, check out this article to follow the step-by-step tutorial.


Download Xfinity Stream APK on PC/ Laptop

You need to install an Android emulator software fist to support the download of Xfinity Stream apk for Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC or Laptops. We highly recommend the most popular one - Bluestacks.

You can choose to follow the downloading instructions either via PC’s browser or Bluestacks’ browser. No matter what your choice is, you need to access our website to download Xfinity Stream apk and then install it on the home screen of Bluestacks. Don’t forget to click on this link to see the full guide for installing Xfinity Stream on your PC platform. 


FAQs about APK download and installation

1.  How to delete apk files on android tv box

Please note that the guide might vary depending on your Android TV box. In this tutorial, we are using eKlasse. Normally, you will find apk files in the Download folder.

  • On the Home Screen, choose Settings

  • Then, click Storage -> Downloads

Now, all your downloaded apk files will appear on the screen. You can select any files that you want to delete then press the trash icon. 

That’s all about this question. Easy, right?


2. How to know this apk file is safe?

In order to figure out comprehensively whether your newly-downloaded apk file is safe or unspoiled, you are advised to employ some online virus detector software such as Virustotal, Metadefender, NVISO Apk Scan. Android users use these virus scanners to check directly SHA1 and Signature of apk file. Specifically, the SHA1 and Signature in any apk file is considered the digital fingerprint. By checking the SHA1 and Signature, you can know if your apk file digital fingerprint corresponds to the APK file on Google Play. If the SHA1 and Signature of the apk file you have downloaded do not match to that one of the apk file hosted by Google Play, then the apk file is pure and virus-free.  

Furthermore, you had better take the precaution to avoid virus infection by scanning apk file via these threat detectors. 

  1. Virustotal: Virustotal is a top-notch virus detector equipped with precise and reliable antivirus engines. Besides, Virustotal is also the fastest online threat detector in terms of scanning apk files. It does a great job at recognizing all threats in apk files, involving viruses and malware. Virustotal scans the apk file maxes out at 550 MB. It also supports the IP address, domain and file hash scanning.

  2. Metadefender: Metadefender is the great online service functioning as a vulnerability detection and multi-scanning. Using Metadefender, apk files are scanned by the most up-to-date antivirus engines. Its great detection rates make this antivirus online tool stand out from the rest. The advantage of this analysis is it scans apk files up to 140 MB, so it works well with most apk file of games and apps.

  3.  Nviso Apk scan:  this is one of the most effective online android apk malware analysis scanners. NVISO Apk Scan identities vulnerabilities, data leaks, and every threat apk files. NVISO APk scan will present you with a detailed PDF report based on findings sent via email. The best  thing about NViso is that this virus scanner has no size limit when it comes to checking APK files.


3. How to send APK to Android phone?

There are some ways to share APK files to Android phone

1. Use a transfering service such as Xender, ShareMe and ES File Explorer

Access the sharing service > Select the APK files you want to send (In some cases, you need to create a Wi-fi hotspot) > Search the nearby device and send.

Notes: Both the sending device and the receiving device need to install and launch the same file-transferring service


3. How do I uninstall an apk?

We will guide you to uninstall the apk files on the Android phone, and Windows with Bluestacks as well.

How to uninstalling apk files from stock Android :

  • Head to the Settings app from your app drawer or home screen.

  • Select Apps & Notifications.

  • Scroll down the list until you find the app you want to delete and select it.

  • Just tap on Uninstall.


So, this is all I want to share with you today. Hopefully, our information and sharing about Xfinity Stream app will be helpful to you. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to like and share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.