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App version v3.0.7
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Capacity 15.78 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher Election Commission of India
SHA1 425028fcd5d9d621f41eb11592f3b4e5a75865b2
Signature e78ecf6cb1238449ca4989db3422fe65fb4fec87

App description

In the age of digitalization, people can enjoy the high living standards thanks to the advancements in technology. The prime example to exemplify is the Election Commission of India, in which Voter Helpline, a mobile application is designed to facilitate the whole process of polling. This new initiative is the groundbreaking invention to develop a culture of avid electoral engagement as well as to make informed and ethical ballot decisions among citizens of the country.

In this article, we will provide some of the outstanding features of Voter Helpline and instruct you on how to download Voter Helpline apk on Android and PCs/ Laptops

What is Voter Helpline?

Basically, Voter Helpline application is an app for voting, which is used in the Indian Election. This app allows users to easily find the information related to the election that they are looking for. The aim of the app is to equip people with knowledge about the national election process in a more engaging way. Citizens in the host country can browse the app based on their own interests and grasp the information on the go.

Voter Helpline has significantly modernized the citizen interface to accommodate a growing user-base for the election. Furthermore, the mobile voting tool also branches out into new technology areas and caters for massive information dissemination requirements.

Here are some special features claiming for the app’s effectiveness to the General election in India. With the installation of Voter Helpline, users can:

  1. Electoral search in details by using the EPIC number or submit a registration form to vote for new voter registration.

  2. Shift to a different constituency for overseas voters and apply for new voter ID card/due to shifting from AC. The app also allows the transposition within the assembly and supports deletion/objection in the electoral roll. Users can correct the entry in the electoral roll.

  3. Just by a few clicks, users will be greeted by all types of NVSP Forms submission, notification and status updates from the system.

  4. The app replenishes tags based frequently asked questions (FAQs) including When, Why, Who, Where, What, How for a better understanding of the electoral process. 

  5. Users can get access to a number of article and galleries published on the website of ECI and SVEEP and read the news, press releases from Election Commission of India.

  6. Citizens can register for any complaints to build a better voting system and view any candidates’ profiles to pick up their favorite one.

What is Voter Helpline apk file

The grasp of the basics of apk files will lay a concrete foundation for the further steps of downloading and installing Voter Helpline apk. Besides, users can troubleshoot any problems stemming from their download for both Android and Windows platforms. So, what is an apk file and what is it used for?

Technically, an apk file is an Android package file format exclusively designed to distribute and install any application. It is created for the sideloading of apps from the sources rather than Google Play and it satisfies the craving for new treasures of users. So based on this definition, we can say that Voter Helpline apk is actually the file for users to download and install the app.

So, at this phase, we will sort out some scenarios in which you might need to download Voter Helpline in the form of an apk file.

  1. The windows-based application brings users to the fullest experience thanks to the better visual from a bigger screen. However, Voter Helpline only supports the mobile interface. In this case, if users want to use the app on their desktop, they have to download Voter Helpline apk file and install it on their PCs.

  2. Users cannot download and install the app on their phones because the app’s version available on Google play does not match with their phone’s version. Hence, the sideload of Voter Helpline apk proves to be effective.

  3. The signal of network data in the users’ location is poor and they can not access the traditional app store to directly download Voter Helpline. Therefore, to solve the problem, they have to carry out a manual installation of Voter Helpline, which is to download the app apk file to an SD card and then transfer to install it later on their phones.

  4. Users fail to access Google Play due to some systematic errors of the source.

How to download and install Voter Helpline apk

Download Voter Helpline apk on Android mobile phone

To download Voter Helpline apk and install the app on Android, first, you need to make a little change in your devices, which is the turn-on of the mode Unknown Sources to get security permission. Then, you can go to our official website to download the apk file of Voter Helpline and install the app on your Android phone. For a more detailed description, you can go to the link  and follow the steps.

Download Voter Helpline apk on PC/ Laptop

To have Voter Helpline app download apk on PC platforms such as Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC or Laptops, you need to download and install Android emulator software on your desktop beforehand. Bluestacks is our recommendation as the emulator offers users special features. 

In this post, we introduce two ways to download and install Voter Helpline apk to work on a PC platform. You can choose between using Bluestacks’ browser or counting on PC’s browser. After Bluestacks is launched on your PC, you pay a visit to our web then download the apk file tagged along with the Voter Helpline. At the final step, you can install it on the home screen of Bluestacks just by some simple clicks. This tutorial is described in details in this link 

FAQs related to apk download and installation.

1. How to know this apk file is safe?

In order to figure out comprehensively whether your newly-downloaded apk file is safe or unspoiled, you are advised to employ some online virus detector software such as Virustotal, Metadefender, NVISO Apk Scan. Android users use these virus scanners to check directly SHA1 and Signature of apk file. Specifically, the SHA1 and Signature in any apk file are considered the digital fingerprint. By checking the SHA1 and Signature, you can know if your apk file digital fingerprint corresponds to the APK file on Google Play. If the SHA1 and Signature of the apk file you have downloaded do not match to that one of the apk file hosted by Google Play, then the apk file is pure and virus-free.  

Furthermore, you had better take the precaution to avoid virus infection by scanning apk file via these threat detectors. 

  1. Virustotal: Virustotal is a top-notch virus detector equipped with precise and reliable antivirus engines. Besides, Virustotal is also the fastest online threat detector in terms of scanning apk files. It does a great job at recognizing all threats in apk files, involving viruses and malware. Virustotal scans the apk file maxes out at 550 MB. It also supports the IP address, domain, and file hash scanning.

  2. Metadefender: Metadefender is a great online service functioning as a vulnerability detection and multi-scanning. Using Metadefender, apk files are scanned by the most up-to-date antivirus engines. Its great detection rates make this antivirus online tool stand out from the rest. The advantage of this analysis is it scans apk files up to 140 MB, so it works well with most apk file of games and apps.

  3.  Nviso Apk scan:  this is one of the most effective online android apk malware analysis scanners. NVISO Apk Scan identifies vulnerabilities, data leaks, and every threat apk files. NVISO APk scan will present you with a detailed PDF report based on findings sent via email. The best thing about NViso is that this virus scanner has no size limit when it comes to checking APK files.

2. How to convert an apk to IPA

In fact, every operating system supports a specific format of file, for example, APK for Android and IPA for Apple ios. In particularly, apk file extension is used for Google Android application packages for Android-based devices. apk files are fundamentally a renamed zip files, used to install apps to Android devices. An ios file extension is relevant to the Apple iOS operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. These files are also the most prevalent ones because of the high demand for using Android and iOS over the world. These files are built for the use of mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet. 

Commonly, the applications are hosted by the official online stores of both operating systems by default. However, these files are also available on third-party sites and you can install them in case of Google Play errors. For Android devices, you just need to enable Unknown Sources feature in the Android smartphone in order to allow the download and installation of apps on third party sources. Nevertheless, if you are using an iPhone, you need to attempt a jailbreak. Converting APK to IPA for Android is the only way to take the advantages of both platforms without changing device.

To convert the apk file into the IPA file, you need to download and install an app named Apk to Ipa converter. This app is only provided on the third-party place, so you need to access the third-party websites to download and install this app before you enter the conversion. Here’s how to use to convert apk into IPA:

Step 1: You enter to the place in your mobile where the APK file was downloaded and stored. Then tap on it to execute the installation.

Step 2: Allow your device to download and install third-party applications. in Android phone, you enable Unknown Sources, and in iPhone, you get access to the third-party site and allow the permission. After that, the installation will complete within a moment.

Step 3: After completing the installation, open it and tap on browse option where the list of the app will be given. Choose the application which you want to convert into IPA for running on ios.

Step 4: Now tap on convert to IPA button and the conversion will be started automatically. Wait for a few minutes and let the app to complete the operation.

Step 5: After finishing the conversion, install it on your iPhone and enjoy its convenience.