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Download UniPad APK

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App information

App version 3.5.0
Updated date
Capacity 4.82 MB
Installs 5,000,000+ download
publisher 김지섭
SHA1 4fa3d82f1eada19e36f2e50c038c3ae3aa5867e4
Signature 0ed59de0987e1e8e61701901a2d57f60c9effce5

App description

Are you bored with the usual music game? Here we are to introduce you to another kind of app game in which you will play with the rhythm of any song on your phone, it is UniPad. In this post, we will give an overview of the app, a guide to download the UniPad APK file as well as answer some frequent questions about APK file.

What is UniPad?

UniPad is an app game developed by 김지섭. Up to now, the app is popular in many countries and has been downloaded by over five million times and has received a high rating of 4.3/5 by Android users worldwide.

UniPad promises to bring a new experience for the player and it has done this mission successfully. Normally, to play rhythm game based on the Launchpad, you need expensive equipment and PC, but with this app, you can play it just with an Android phone that has Android version of 4.1 and up. 

Outstanding features

Why do so many people love this app? Let’s take a look at its features!

  • Enjoy a wide range of content with over 40 songs

  • After playing, you can create your own project files

  • Want to play more beautifully? The app also provides features that help you to remind to practice them.

  • The launchpad and midi equipment can be connected with the app.

What is UniPad APK?

In this part, we will show you some common cases that lead to the download APK files and if you are in that situation, you should download APK files. 

  • If you want to play it on PC/Laptop, you need a window-based media server.

  • Google Play error: sometimes, you can not download the app from the Play Store or due to the pending error you also have problem when trying to download it.

  • Poor network signal

  • Your Android phone version is not compatible with the version of the app available on Google Store.

How to download and install UniPad APK

Download Unipad APK on Android phone

Basically, download APK files on Android phones is quite easy. You just need to access our website, then find the app and click on Download APK. For more detail, follow the steps provided in this article.

Download Unipad APK on PC/Laptop

First, you need to have a mobile emulator on your PC. Then, click on this link to know more about the steps.


Question 1: How to know this apk file is safe?

In order to figure out comprehensively whether your newly-downloaded apk file is safe or unspoiled, you are advised to employ some online virus detector software such as Virustotal, Metadefender, NVISO Apk Scan. Android users use these virus scanners to check directly SHA1 and Signature of apk file. Specifically, the SHA1 and Signature in any apk file is considered the digital fingerprint. By checking the SHA1 and Signature, you can know if your apk file digital fingerprint corresponds to the APK file on Google Play. If the SHA1 and Signature of the apk file you have downloaded do not match to that one of the apk file hosted by Google Play, then the apk file is pure and virus-free.  

Furthermore, you had better take the precaution to avoid virus infection by scanning apk file via these threat detectors. 

  1. Virustotal: Virustotal is a top-notch virus detector equipped with precise and reliable antivirus engines. Besides, Virustotal is also the fastest online threat detector in terms of scanning apk files. It does a great job of recognizing all threats in apk files, involving viruses and malware. Virustotal scans the apk file maxes out at 550 MB. It also supports the IP address, domain, and file hash scanning.

  2. Metadefender: Metadefender is a great online service functioning as a vulnerability detection and multi-scanning. Using Metadefender, apk files are scanned by the most up-to-date antivirus engines. Its great detection rates make this antivirus online tool stand out from the rest. The advantage of this analysis is it scans apk files up to 140 MB, so it works well with most apk files of games and apps.

  3.  Nviso Apk scan:  this is one of the most effective online android apk malware analysis scanners. NVISO Apk Scan identifies vulnerabilities, data leaks, and every threat apk files. NVISO APk scan will present you with a detailed PDF report based on findings sent via email. The best  thing about NViso is that this virus scanner has no size limit when it comes to checking APK files.

Question 2: How to send APK to Android phones?

There are some ways to share APK files to Android phone

1. Use a transfer service such as Xender, ShareMe and ES File Explorer

Access the sharing service > Select the APK files you want to send (In some cases, you need to create a Wi-fi hotspot) > Search the nearby device and send.

Notes: Both the sending device and the receiving device need to install and launch the same file-transferring service

2. Activate Bluetooth to send and receive the APK files

Turn on Bluetooth > Access the files you want to transfer > Tap on the Share button and choose the Bluetooth option > Select the receiving device and send

3. Share the APK files via email

You can make use of the email app right on your device to share the APK file via this guide:

On the sending device: Open the email app > Write and attach the APK file to the mail > Send the mail

On the receiving device: Open the mail containing the APK files and download the attachment.

Question 3. How to stop APK auto-download?

There are some possible ways to stop the APK auto-download process:

1. Deactivate the installation from unknown sources

Go to Settings on your device > Security > Disable the feature Unknown sources

2. Disable auto-update of the app

Access Settings on your device > Apps > Select the app you want to disable auto-download > Install unknown apps > Deactivate this feature


The article has just shown you the overview as well as a guide to download UniPad APK to your Android phone and PC or laptop. Thanks for reading!