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Download SimSimi apk

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App description

As you might know, Chatbots are online computer programs that can simulate human conversations. Nowadays, with the development of artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots have been becoming more prominent so that many tech firms are investing more in this particular area of technology. There are many chatbots with many specific purposes in mind, most commonly to provide information or act as a customer service point. One of those is the SimSimi app that is the most outstanding artificial intelligence chatbot. In this post, we will give you the key features of SimSimi server and detailed and extensive instruction as well on how to download SimSimi apk for Android and PC via our open source web page. 

Overview of Simsimi

SimSimi is a game artificial intelligence conversation program which is one of the world’s most renowned chatbots with it’s over 10 million downloads. The app was created in 2002 by ISMaker and released first in 2003, Since then, this app has evolved with the help of tons of user conversations.

You can download SimSimi for free to smartphone and can be accessed via desktop/ computer. Especially, the mascot of this app is a colorful, anime-style character which certainly will appeal to young people. It can encourage users to continue conversations by using playful language. As this app uses artificial intelligence, users can start a conversation with the chatbot. You are able to ask anything and the chatbot will respond immediately. Its responses will range from a helpful reply to offensive content. You can change this function by switching off ‘bad words’.

To start using Simsimi, all you need to do is to connect your devices to the Internet, then touch the friendly, round, yellow SimSimi, then you can start to chat with him. Don't worry, his speeches are quite logical and will fit in with the conversation you're leading. Moreover, you can entertain yourself by writing all sorts of silly things and reading his reactions, which will certainly surprise you and make you laugh. Even, you can attempt to make friends with SimSimi, flirt with him, threaten him. General speaking, SimSimi is a funny app with the main purpose is mindless entertainment. 

SimSimi apk file

After showing all the information about the app, it’s time to scratch on the surface of the “apk file” term. Users are advised to grasp the information we provide below. If not, you might get some problems with the app’s download in the next steps. The basic knowledge of apk will lay the solid foundation for the further steps.
In short, the APK file is an 
Android Package is the package file format which is used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of apps.
There are some common situations leading to the download of apk files.

  • The Google Play store refuses your visit at certain times due to some systematic error. Even when accessing the source successfully, you can fail to download their desired app due to the download pending problem.
  •  A window-based media server  is what you will need to get the best experience when working on a PC/ Laptop. 
  • Your Android version is not convertible with the version of the application available on Google Store. 

How to download and install SimSimi apk

Download SimSimi apk on Android mobile phone

You can carry out the download for your Android phone by several methods within a few minutes, but you will need to go to your website. Then, simply you search for the app’s name and hit on Download to start Simsimi apk download. Just follow guide on this link to download SimSimi apk on Android.

Download SimSimi apk on PC/ Laptop

The download of SimSimi apk for Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC or Laptops needs an Android emulator software. We highly recommend you to use Bluestacks.
You can download this apk file either via PC’s browser or Bluestacks’ browser. Whatever your choice is, our website is always available for you to download SimSimi apk and then install it on the home screen of Bluestacks. For the extensive instruction, just follow this link to download SimSimi on your desktop.

FAQs - Download and installation apk files

1. How to delete apk files on android tv box?

In Android tv box, the apk files downloaded on the third-party sites will be stored in the Downloader folder. To delete these apk files on your Android tv box, you just need to do the following steps. However, the steps may be different a bit depending on your TV box. Here are these basic steps:

1. On your Home Screen, enter Settings

2. Under the Settings, you scroll down to find the folder named File Browser.

3. Open the File Browser and choose Local Disk.

4. Get access to the Local Disk folder and scroll down to Download folder.

5. Click the Download Folder. You will find all your downloaded apk files here.

6. You may or may not want to delete everything on the Download Folder. You can either select all or select specific files that you want to delete. Click the Select icon to tick the files of your choice.

7. Look for the icon with a pen on top of the screen. As usual, it is beside the Select icon. Click it, then click Delete.

8. If you have moved your files from Downloads to another folder, scroll to find that same folder on the Local Disk. Open that folder and delete the downloads.

2. How to install apk file on android tv?

There is an easy method to install apk file on Android tv. The first thing you should do is that you enable Unknown Sources feature in order to allow the downloads on third-party sites. Enable Unknown Sources on Android TV

Step 1 – Enter the Settings. To do this, scroll down to the last row of options and then click on the Gear icon.

Step 2 – Under Settings, you click on Security & restrictions

Step 3 – Next, you switch Unknown Sources on.

Now, you do these steps below to have apk file on your Android tv:

Transfer APK File through Web

Step 1 – Visit the Play Store on your Android TV and install ES File Explorer.

Step 2 – Upload the APK file that you want to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Step 3 – Launch ES File Explorer on your Android TV and go to Network section and choose Cloud.

Step 4 – There is an option of adding New account. Next, you configure the account where you had your APK file uploaded.

Step 5 – After configuration, browse and open the uploaded file. Now, the app will show an option of Install, select it to start the installation.

Step 6 – Follow the installation steps until the app is installed successfully.

The bottom line

This post has covered all the information related to the download of Simsimi apk on both Android and Windows Platform. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us through our website. Thanks for reading!