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App description

In today’s society of lost souls and young people lacking direction, needing direction and longing for social connections, activities and sports are probably more important than ever. Participating in such sources of social interaction and entertainment online or offline could pull youngsters out of their alienated virtual world and place rigorous interpersonal demands on them on a consistent basis. Football, the king of sports, perfectly fullfills those responsibilities. That's the major driver of innovation in online soccer games. "Score! Match" is the prime example. It is an amazing gameplay that stands out from the flooding marketplace to embrace the great things in football in a thrilling gameplay. 

This writing will indicate the game's basic features, equip players with some effective Score! Match game tips as well as give instruction on how to download Scrore! Match app on Android and Windows for free via the third party site called

score match apk download

1. Brief description of Score! Match key points.

Score! Match is an online football game in which you captain your team on the road to glory and play your way with appropriate soccer skills including dribbling, tackling, passing and shooting against opponents. In this unique soccer multiplayer game, you could choose your opposers from all over the world during the real- time online matches. The Score! Match app game allows players to recruit their friends from Score! Match facebook friends to build up a team, immerse in the football's spirit and rise to the top by winning in a series of challenging arenas and weekly events.

At the starting point, you set your formation, then with your clever football tricks and skills, you could gain promotion, collect and upgrade player types.

Below are the most important features supported in this game:

  • The game offers real-time fast-paced 1 on 1 matches against players from all over the world.
  • Players level up through multiple arenas on their way to the top and win unrivalled rewards by taking part in regular events.
  • Score! Match allows beginners to start a grudge match and challenge their friends in high stakes matches.
  • Unlocking new player types, formations, boot designs by earning packages throughout different tournaments.
  • Gamers could upgrade players to reach their full potential and showcase their skills on the pitch to get closer to the position of a champion.
  • Score! Match online app game is incredibly fantastic in terms of graphics. It is updated with stunning 3D graphics, intelligent AI, and hundreds of unique animations to enhance the game visual.
  • Social network flatform like Facebook joins hand in the gameplay. By logging into Facebook's account, players can recruit Facebook friends to join their team and sync their progress between devices without difficulty.
  • This game is free to play in general, however, additional content and in-game items may be purchased by real money. Internet connection is required to play Score! Match and third part advertisement is replennished during arenas.

score match apk download

There are little tips and tricks which players, especially amateurs or newbies could pick up along the way of playing.

  • Within the big area that shows your kicking range there is an extra line. If you go beyond that line, the pass won't be on the ground anymore - your player will lift it. In the occasion that there is no inside line, this usually means your players will lift it regardless. 

  • When you're making a tackle but your opponent manages to kick the ball before you get to the ball/player, the direction of the tackle will tell you in which general direction the opponent will kick it. Sometimes common sense would have you thinking the tackle's direction should be infront of the opponent, but instead it's sort of on the side, and the reason for that is that the player will kick it in that direction. This is useful when trying to read the game to pick next player to tackle with. 

  • For trying to save penalties, unless you decide to stand in the middle of the goal, this place is the ideal one to tap if you think you opponent will shoot it in that direction. It will save anything going in that direction, except for those that are perfectly placed in the top corner.

score match apk

2. Score! Match apk on

2.1 Score! Match apk file

Grasping the knowledge of apk files is incredibly important to lay a concrete foundation for further steps, whether app's downloading and installation or problems related to the files. 

First of all, you might come to the question: " What is an apk file and what is it used for?". Well, the answer is a bit abstract at first sight. But if you are into discoverring the new treasure, this piece of information might provoke a sense of curiosity in you. Score! Match file with the extension" apk" is a package file, exclusively designed for Android operating system to install and distribute this online football gameplay. The type of file is saved in the ZIP format, and is either downloaded directly to Android devices via the Google Play store or manually downloaded via a third party source.

The switch to this downloading mode to have Score! Match app apk could be explained in those below scenarios.  

  • Users fail in getting the app installed on their device because the Android version of their mobile is not compatible with the version of Score! Match on Google Play

  • "download Score! Match pc" is more favored to some users. It is because the computer based football game app could bring about real experience, compared to the cell phone based app. Thanks to some sorts of graphic design tools exclusively created for Score! Match online game on PCs, they can boost their performance.

  • The internet connection, at certain times, upsets users in getting their hands on Score! Match gameplay. They have to get Score! Match app apk from the outside source and use SD card to copy and transfer the file to their mobile to install this kind of football game later.

  • "Score! Match download mod apk" is needed when developers want to customize some of the game characteristic.

Score match apk

2.2 Virus warnings when downloading Score! Match apk.

Downloading Score! Match apk via other sources beside Google Play is not safe enough. The hackers could distribute some sorts of malware, virus, worm, ect in the files you've downloaded and in the site containing the files itself to steal confidential data, personal accounts. Moreover, a manual installation with the involvement of some peripheral devices, without careful examination, might hide virus infection as well. 

Before downloading an app from a third party source, you should be careful as you trust the source of the apk file. However, with, you can totally put your mind at ease. This third party site is an open app store where you assuredly get the pure, safe and original apk files. 

If you insist on downloading the app in other sources or are in need of checking the safety of your files, stay tuned and make full use of Cobweb, a free file checking and virus detection website, which serves a vast user base around the world. You can upload your files without considering about the file size and get back with a document presenting all the issues related to the files. 

2.3. Guide to download Score! Match apk via

2.3.1 Download Score! Match on Android Mobile Phones

Score! Match mobile download via require your device to turn on the mode" unknown sources" in your Settings. This could be explained that Android system will definitely block any download from other source to protect your security. Follow the further steps carried out in the website in detail below to successfully download and install Score! Match apk file for Android for free.

Step 1: Access website from your search engine of your mobile, find Score! Match the search bar on the right corner of the screen and click on the app name that you want.

score match apk download

Step 2: Tap the button Download on the right side of the app. Then a verification question pops up at the bottom of your screen to require a confirmation from you. You tap on OK to continue downloading.

score match apk download

Step 3: Begin Score! Match application establishment on Android by tapping on Install as soon as the download finishes. This step covers all the guideline to download Score! Match on Android for free.

score match apk download

2.3.2 Download Score! Match apk file on PCs/ Laptops

The presiquisitive installation of some emulator softwares like BluestacksArChon, Droid4X, Bliss, ect  should be carried out before you download Score! Match for PC. Bluestacks, a emulator enjoying thousands of downloads per day is the optimal choice for any gamer to boost their game performance. Although Bluestacks is relatively heavy, it is among the well- liked software. You can't go wrong exploiting it. 

This writing will dive into two ways to have Score! Match download PC free: using PC's browser or emulator software’s browser.

Download Score! Match apk via PC's browser

Step 1: Visit the website after starting your Web browser and in the search bar, you type Score! Match. Then, you click on the matching one when the results show up.

score match apk download

Step 2: Click on Download and sit back until the download at the bottom of your screen finishes. 

score match apk download

Step 3: Next step, you launch BlueStacks on your Windows. This step will take up to 40 seconds depending on your PC performance. After the software is launched, you go to its home screen and click on Install apk (3 vertical dots) in the left corner.

score match apk download

Step 4: You insert Score! Match apk file in the pop-up window and tap on Open. All you need to do is to wait for app to appear on BlueStacks.

score match apk

Download Score! Match apk via Bluestacks' browser

Step 1: First, you launch BlueStacks. Then at the home screen, you click on the up arrow symbol More apps to start Bluestacks' browser.

score match apk

Step 2: Ater starting browser, you enter the website, find Score! Match and then start Download. You confirm the notification by clicking on OK.

score match apk

Step 3: You click on Install to begin the app's establishment on BlueStacks. After Score! Match appear at the home screen of the emulator, you tap on Open to experience app right now.

score match apk

That covers all the parts of this article. Hope with the comprehensive guidance above, you can easily get the app on your devices and have fun playing Score! Match game. If you have any issue in the downloading process or have some questions about the game features, let us know by leaving a comment below so that we could get back to you with a rational explanation. Thanks!