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Download Satellite Director apk

Satellite Director is an inventive free app which allows users to locate any kind of TV satellite via just their mobile phone. This app operates with phone compass or GPS and tracks satellites by directing the device towards the sky. As a rule, users would need to use information such as an azimuth (both compass and satellite), numerous calculations with their GPS and even the magnetic variability but Satellite Director app covers all this together in one place. With the Satellite Director app, users can easily track any satellite in a matter of minutes.

If you want to download Satellite Director app on your devices, keep reading this writing to learn how to download and install Satellite Director apk on Android and PC. 

The Satellite Director overview

 Satellite Director is a specialized app designed to help Android users position their satellite signal. This app is quite simple to operate and is designed to be used while you are using a mobile phone so you do not have to move instantly to check your signal strength at your television set. 

satellite director app
Satellite Director app on Android

Before installing the Satellite Director app, it requires that your Android smartphone or tablet must have a compass. Unluckily, you had better calibrate the compass on Android mobile before employing it. You should keep in mind that covers/cases with metal/magnetic closure are likely to impact on or disrupt the compass of your phone or tablet. Besides, the compass of your phone can also be inaccurate as it is influenced by other electro - magnetic fields. In such case, that calibrating the compass actually do not help anymore. After having this app on your device, you check "Satellite Locator" to locate a satellite by using GPS locations.

satellite director features
Satellite Director app download on Android

Satellite is add-free. Once you have Satellite Director app on your Android phone, all you need to do is just enable the GPS in your phone or enter your GPS location, choose the desired TV satellite or antenna location and direct your phone to the sky to seeking the TV satellite signal. When the white ball is in the white circle and the cyan ball is in the cyan circle, it means that you have found the satellite. you should align, in azimuth, the offset arm of the satellite dish to the cyan arrow on the mobile device display and the satellite dish is aligned in azimuth with the satellite.
You also can select audio tone, camera preview, continuous mode (no pause), color pickers or a user-defined satellite position with ease so as to look for the desired TV satellite. In Satellite Director, the satellite list includes 280 satellites.
In addition, you can take a photo or screenshot by tapping on the director tab. The photo or screenshot is only stored on the phones memory card.
Moreover, satellite locations are derived from Agi's database.

What is Satellite Director apk file?

Satellite Director apk file is an Android application package used to download and install app Satellite Director. Apk files are compressed in the zip format with the .apk extension. With apk files, some apps are automatically installed on your device, conversely, those downloaded from other sites must be installed manually. Moreover, you can search for and download apk files both on Google Play which is the official site and other apk file distribution platforms. If you are seeking a reputable third-party site, I highly recommend website, which shares safe and clear apk files only. 

Reasons to sideload Satellite Director apk file

As you may know, Android operating system allows users to download apk files aiming at distributing and installing apps/games. There is a variety of circumstances requiring file Satellite Director apk file sideloading as the alternative option for handling some download errors. Some discernible troubles will be listed down:

- You cannot get access to Google Play Store or the Google Play cannot display the information completely, so you had better sideload apk files from website

- People using laptop would like to download Satellite Director apk for Windows so that they have to install emulator software on their devices first and then sideload the apk file via Windows emulator software.

- Because of the equipment restriction which means that Android devices are not suitable with the app's latest version that is updated on Google Play.

- Android smartphone users want to download apk Satellite Director. However, because of the disconnection between smartphone and wi-fi or data (3G/4G), they need to download apk file into the SD card, then by using SD card readers to transfer the apk file to smartphone and install the app.

- For those who are developers or users who want to modify Satellite Director application such as inserting advertisements. 

How to scan Satellite Director apk file for viruses

The official app store on Android is Google Play, but due to part of download restrictions and regulations, some apps/games are not available in this store. Although it is advised to sideload apk files on third-party sites in case of unexpected download errors, Android users still had better pay attention to the security of equipment, so scanning apk file it would be a good idea before installing these files. A reliable site like hosts only secure and pure apk files, but even so, to comprehensively protect your devices, you should scan apk files for viruses before having it on your devices. There are quite a few online antivirus scanners that allow you to scan and check your apk files, even URL if it has viruses. We are going to show two most prevalent and effective tools.

1. Metadefender

Metadefender is an online scanner that allows users to upload and scan apk files as large as 140 MB. After that, this tool extracts all the individual files from the apk and also check them independently using multitude antivirus engines. When a scan informs that the newly scanned apk file is totally safe and virus-free, it will be highlighted in green and conversely, if there are viruses masking under apk file, it is on red color.

2. Virustotal

Virustotal is also a productive threat analysis and scanner scanning apk files up to 128 MB and detect numerous types of viruses and malware on apk files. However, this size limitation is a bit small because there is a greate number of games that are well over 128 MB meanwhile most apps are smaller than that. Therefore, you can rely on this online tool but only for smaller apk files. Virustotal is evaluated as the most virus detector that indicates the scan result quickly after about 30 seconds. 

Guide to download and install Satellite Director apk on Android

On Android device, there is a security barrier in the goal of preventing the downloads from third-party sources. To download Satellite Director app from third-party sites, you follow Settings > Security > enable Unknown Sources. Once this barrier has been removed, any apps or games hosted by third-party sites can be downloaded into your device. 

enable unknown sources
Enable Unknown Sources

 You do these steps below to download Satellite Director apk for Android:

Step 1: Get in the website, search for Satellite Director app in the search bar.

seek sateliite director mobile
Seek Satellite Director on Android

Step 2: Next, tap Download.

dwonlaod satellite director mobile
Download Satellite Director apk on Android

Step 3: When a notice presents on the screen, you tap on Ok.

tap ok
Tap Ok

Step 4: After the apk file has been downloaded, you tap Install and after 1 minute, now you have Satellite Director game on your Android mobile.

install satellite director mobile
Install Satellite Director on Android

Guide to download and install Satellite Director apk on PC

Now I will guide you two ways to download and install Satellite Director app for PC. But first, it requires you to install an emulator on your PC. You have a list of choices such as BlueStacks, Memu, Droid4X, Nox Player. In this guide, I download and install Satellite Director app via BlueStacks, which is one of the best tools for running apps for free in full screen in your PC.

The download of Satellite Director app via PC’s browser

Step 1: Firstly, you head to website via PC's browser, seek Satellite Director app.

seek satellite director pc
Seek Satellite Director on PC 

Step 2: Click on Download.

download satellite director pc
Download Satellite Director apk on PC

Step 3: You launch BlueStacks, then click on Install apk (3 dots) at the left corner.

install apk
Install apk on BlueStacks

Step 4: When a pop-up window appears, you upload the newly downloaded satellite Director apk file.

upload satellite director apk file
Upload Satellite Director apk file

Step 5: You will see the Satellite Director app is installed on BlueStacks.

satellite director installed on PC
Satellite Director installed on PC

The download of Satellite Director app via BlueStacks

Step 1: Firstly, you get in BlueStacks, then click on More apps to open Browser.

start browser on bluestacks
Open Browser on BlueStacks

Step 2: Access website, search for Satellite Director app.

seek satellite director bluestacks
Seek Satellite Director via BlueStacks

Step 3: Click on Download.

download satellite director bluestacks
Download Satellite Director on BlueStacks

Step 4: A warning is going to show up, you click on Ok to confirm.

click ok
Click Ok

Step 5: The Satellite Director apk file will be downloaded. Next, you Open the file and Install it. After that, you can experience satellite Director app on BlueStacks.

Install Satellite Director  app on BlueStacks
Install Satellite Director app on BlueStacks