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App version 2.3
Updated date
Capacity 97.51 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher Naxeex LLC
SHA1 52643a4929e22fdae3a6c45cbf90928ab1d83c6d
Signature b70144ed5156daa136f55a02a885e674fc1e3740

App description

Rope Hero is a game app on Google Play developed by Naxeex LLC. The app has got a huge number of installs of over 10 million times. Rope Hero promises to bring you great experience with tons of new things in each level. In this article, we are going to share with you the description and how to download Rope Hero APK for your Android phones and PC

Description of Rope Hero

Generally, in Rope Hero, you will play as a fearless and courageous hero with a mission to protect the city from offenders, and you are on a quest to defeat cruel enemies by roaming around the city to fight off enemies and survive the harsh criminal life of the city. One interesting thing in that game is there is no limited time or any other kind of pressure to finish the game early, so you can take time and explore the city without interruption. 

Key features of Rope Hero

  • Simple game controls: the controls of the game is really easy to learn. The left part of the screen are sprint and navigation pad or joystick which will control the character to move left, right, backward or forward. You can tap the sprint button in the right above the navigation pad to run faster. On the right part of the screen, you will see a jump, fight or shoot button, and climb/rope button for climbing up roofs. 

  • Take your time to wander around the city: As we mentioned above, there is no time limit so you can explore the city, you can climb up roofs, fight random strangers and take away their bikes, cars or other vehicles to go. 

  • Get frequently challenging missions: The given quests may include going to certain locations, stealing cars and more. 

  • Daily bonuses: sign in every day to claim a daily reward!

  • Gain free gems by watching ads.

About Rope Hero APK

APK file is simply a package file of the app and only allows Android devices to install. You might need an APK file if you are in these situations:

  • Play in PC or laptop: you need to install a mobile emulator on these devices.

  • Google Play error: sometimes, you can not download the app due to the pending error, so you have to download APK file.

  • Poor network signal

  • Your Android phone version is not compatible with the version of the app available on Google Store.

How to download and install Rope Hero APK?

Download Rope Hero APK on your Android phone

Normally, you have to go through some steps to download the APK files. First access our website, then search the app name, click on Download APK. Finally, follow the steps that the app requires to finish installing. For more details, please click here.

Download Rope Hero APK on PC 

You need to install an emulator first, then follow this instruction for more detail.


Question 1:  How to update Android apk?

As a matter of fact, you will get all your applications updated automatically if you download them from the Google Play. On the other hand, a number of users are wondering if we can update apps installed through the apk files?

Actually, there are some ways to keep up to date with all the new versions of your apps. However, if you are lack of programming and technology knowledge, the easiest way to update Android apk is uninstalling that app and reinstalling its new version from the third-party website which provides the apk file of that application. 

Whenever the Google Play releases a new version of the app, that version will be automatically updated on Milagromobilemarketing. Therefore, all you need to do is deleting the old version app on your phone and visiting our website to download and install the newest version of that apk file. 

Question 2: How to use an apk?

APK could be unfamiliar to a lot of people and they might think that using apk files is a complicated issue. On the contrary, using an apk file is super easy just like downloading an app from Google Play.

The most important thing you need to concern when using apk files is choosing a reliable website. We highly recommend Milagromobilemarketing which provides users with thousands of safe app and game apk files. 

Firstly, you access to our website and find out the app or game you would like to use. When finding out the app, download the apk file to your Android phone. Then, open the downloaded apk file to install it. It will take less than a minute for you to finish installing the app. After finishing the installation, the icon of the app will appear right on your phone’s home screen, just open and enjoy!

Question 3: Why can’t I install apk on my Android?

During the installation of apk files on Android phones, users may encounter one of the following errors:

- Your Android devices don’t have sufficient storage capacity for the application.

- The Android version is lower than the app’s requirements.

- Android’s specifications (Architecture, DPI) are not compatible with the app’s variant.

- Forgetting to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature in your phone’s settings (From the home screen select the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources to activate this function)

Question 4: Parse error when installing apk

Parse error is one of the most common errors when you install an app from a third-party provides or even Google Play.

There are some reasons causing this error :

  • The device system doesn’t have permission to download Android applications from unknown sources.

  • The security services or cleaner apps on the device prevented the installation.

  • The device’s hardware or app version is not compatible with the app.

How to fix a parse error :

If this error happens when you install an APK file, you can easily fix it by some solutions below: 

  • Allow your device to install apps from the third-party sources to download and install the APK files successfully from, don’t forget to activate this function from the settings of your device: Settings > Security > Unknown sources

  • Disable antivirus apps or cleaner services since these services can interrupt or prevent the installation, deactivate these apps temporarily can fix this problem.

  • Check your compatibility you can compare the settings information of your device with the technical information of the APK file. Then, select the most suitable APK files or update the latest Android version (if it’s necessary).

  • Reset your device If none of the solutions above works, try to reset your device, then update then upgrade the Android version. Before resetting, make sure that you back up the important data on your device.


To sum up, this article has shown you ways to download and install Rope Hero APK on Android phones and PC. Hope the information we provide is helpful for you. Thanks for reading!