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App version 1.7.0
Updated date
Capacity 62.72 MB
Installs 50,000,000+ download
publisher Gameguru
SHA1 6cf6d89d2ef744b2d091a2cf8cc3df1c1d00b303
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App description

Racing games are getting more and more upgraded than before, not only with the storyline but also with a thorough investment in image and sound quality. Perhaps when it comes to high-speed racing games, gamers will surely mention popular names like Asphalt, Need for Speeds, and so on. However, if you want to experience a completely new top-notch racing game, then come to Racing Fever. Whether you want to experience the feeling of riding on a racing car and challenge your driving technique or conquer new roads right on your Android device, Racing Fever is the game for you. Racing Fever for Android is a 3D game that is attracting thousands of participants worldwide. Are you ready to race yet?

More about Racing Fever

Racing Fever is the latest 3D racing game on Google Play and it has earned itself the number of downloads and the number of 5-star reviews that makes any new rookie in the racing game series have to dream. Racing Fever is not a race in the famous tournaments nor a fierce competition between riders, it is simply a walk or challenge of the driver. Do you want to learn this 3D racing game or not?

Racing Fever for Android will bring you extremely new and stimulating feelings. You have ever thought that you and your beloved car on the highway where trucks, buses, taxis are skyrocketing? It is really a challenge when on the highway, gamers will be difficult to catch the movement of other cars and especially they appear extremely dense. Gamers will have to interact directly on the screen, the accelerator and brake are displayed on the left and right of the device screen, in addition to an indicator that displays the distance and speed of the car so you can easily follow. In this 3D racing game, players will have to overcome different challenges on the track and conquer them with bravery and skill of the superior steering wheel.

Producer Gameguru is quite caring for this newly released child, gamers will be experiencing new lands, the scene in the game will be spread across many different locations, from the countryside with the mill,  wind, a bridge over the sea or an old European village on both sides of the road, a modern city, etc. In addition, the simple and smooth interface in operation also makes it easier for gamers to approach the game. What are you waiting for without downloading Racing Fever for Android and start on the road!

Some main features of the game

  1. The high-speed racing game is completely free and easy to interact on many devices.

  2. Detailed, sharp 3D graphics system with amazing control, incredibly smooth.

  3. Choose your favorite camera among the 3 angel cameras given and start the race to come with about 4 different themes in 4 game modes. Other topics will also be updated shortly.

  4. Earn money by racing at high speed or going the wrong way. Anything that is banned in real life will give you money on Racing Fever.

  5. Unlock new cars or edit them with the coins you have earned. You can buy new paint colors, rims or even upgrade the cars.

  6. Don't forget to try your chance on the bonus game, you can get your next car on Racing Fever for free!

  7. Check regularly updated quests to grab prizes, share your achievements and high scores with your friends.

Racing Fever apk file

What is Racing Fever apk file?

Apk seems to be a strange name but it is very familiar to Android users. Surely anyone who has used Android phones has heard of the term apk files on the Internet. In this case, the Racing Fever apk file is an installer of the Racing Fever game that runs on the Android operating system. Similar to the Windows operating system, the Apk file is like an executable file with the exe extension. The feature of apk file is to allow users to download the installer without having to install it at all. If you download an application on Google Play, it means that you are downloading the apk file of that application, but after downloading, the file will automatically be installed without your permission. This will only save time for regular users, but for those who use apk files for other purposes, it will be quite inconvenient.

Why should we download Racing Fever apk file?

If you only know the basic definition of an apk file, you probably will not know what it does. We will list some situations where apk files will work properly. Some cases that users need to use Racing Fever apk file instead of downloading directly from Google Play:

  1. Gamers play Racing Fever for special purposes, they want to modify or cheat in the game.

  2. Users download the Racing Fever apk file to play it on Android emulators on PC. Playing a game on a bigger screen of a PC might be a better experience than the small size of a mobile platform.

  3. Phones with Google Play can not download Racing Fever, this case is rare but if it happens, the only way to fix it is that users need to download apk files from websites providing apk files on the Internet.

In addition, there are countless useful features of the Racing Fever apk file that users will discover when using it.

How to download and install Racing Fever apk

Download Racing Fever apk on Android phone

Do not worry if you are using the apk file for the first time. The steps to download and install the apk file are as easy as the way you download games and applications on Google Play. All you need is an Internet-connected Android phone. Then you just need to visit our website and search for the keyword Racing Fever. The final step is to download and install it.

You can see the details of the steps for downloading and installing the Racing Fever apk file by clicking here.

Download Racing Fever apk on PC/ Laptop

Before you play games or use Android applications on your PC or laptop, you need to install Android emulator software for your computer first. There is a lot of software that supports Android applications on the computer. If you use a relatively configured computer, we recommend using Bluestacks. If your computer is low-end, you can use other emulators like Nox Player, Droid4X, Memu, etc.

You can download the Racing Fever apk file on your computer’s browser or the emulator's browser. The first thing you need to do is visit our website and search for Racing Fever and then click download.

Click here for more detailed instructions.

FAQs about apk download and installation

  1. How to open apk files on Windows?

To open an apk file on windows, you need to install an Android emulator for your computer, then visit our website to search for the file you want to download and install. You can download it in your computer browser or the emulator's browser.

  1. Where can I download apk files for free?

Currently, there are many websites that offer apk files but are not reputable and clean. We recommend you use apk files from which is the most famous and trusted apk website in the world.

This website is used by many users around the world because of the high level of information security and the cleanliness of apk files.