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When you get into the habit of purchasing digital movies, songs or ripping and encoding your own digital media from movies and albums, your library could end up being a mess to deter you from moving files from one place to another. If you find yourself in a situation like this, Plex provides a way to easily access your entire digital library from any compatible device, without the tiresome files transferring in a manual way. 

This post will walk you through the basic features of Plex media server and describe in detail how to download Plex for Android and PC via the open source With the comprehensive instruction below, hope you can successfully get your hands on Plex and enjoy the convenience the app offers.

download plex apk

1. What is Plex?

Plex is a digital client-server media player and organizational tool which brings together all of your favorite media and streams it on any compatible screen, no matter how big or small it is. All your media contents are available along with your preferred podcasts, web shows.  Plex software allows you to stream music from TIDAL, and have online news delivered to your Android TV, Fire TV, PC, Mac, or Android phone. You are also allowed to watch and record over-the-air broadcast TV, including major networks with a compatible tuner and antenna freely.

Plex media player is equipped with special features and with the installation of Plex media server software, you can:

  • Personally organize all your media, including photos, music, movies, shows, even DVR-ed TV and have them streamed on any flatform in a beautiful, simple interface with rich descriptions, artwork, and other related information supported from Plex.
  • Enjoy music streaming from TIDAL and augment your existing library right in Plex
  • Search for your favorite podcast or discover new ones thanks to the app's personalized recommendations. 
  • Watch your favorite web shows from a variety of sources available on Plex.
  • Enjoy free features which are supported in Plex app from remote access and sharing.
  • Download videos on your mobiles or SD cards for later offline watching with the user- friendly interface of Plex.
  • Add video contents, set parental controls to customize your experience with Plex Pass.

download Plex apk

2. What is Plex apk and why do we need to download Plex apk via the third party app store 

After wrapping up all the information about Plex, you can dive into a more technological term" Apk". This step is a must- do practice as it is the root for your Plex apk download in the following section. This type of extension is actually a package,  which contains resources like images, data files etc and is exclusively designed for Android to download and install application. Apk file are usually seen when users want to sideload apps from the third party sites. Based on this explanation, we come to the conclusion that Plex apk is an apk file for Android users to have the free media server download on their devices.

The arising question is that in which case we need to download the apk file of Plex. Well, the situations listed below might provoke a sense of familiarity in you:

  • You are trying to access Google Play to have Plex media player download directly, but you got the access denied message from the official site. This means that the app store refuses your visit and hence, you can not download the app you wish.
  • You are in remote area and you can not connect to the Internet to go to Google Play to download Plex. In this scenario, an apk file of the app from a third party source is the key to solve the problem. All you need to do is to copy the file to a USB or an SD card and then create a connection to your phones to transfer the app file and start installing. 
  • Plex server download windows is smoother with the interference of emulator software that is installed beforehand in PCs. Therefore, if you already have an emulator on your Windows, rush into downloading the apk file of Plex for better performance.
  • The publishers of Plex are in need of the original Plex apk file to customize to meet the demand of the users. This is of great importance to retain customers in this fierce competition in the marketplace.
  • The location restriction in some areas that Plex is not available also leads to the ever- growing demand for having Plex apk file

download plex apk

You should be careful when getting Plex player download from an unknown source. Any place rather than Google Play could be the ideal shelter of virus, warm, malware, ect in which just by a click of the mouse to visit those sites, your devices' operating system could be virus- infected and all your personal data or confidental document on the devices could be permanently deleted or  be stolen and sold for illegal purpose. Moreover, some peripheral devices like USB, SD card, ect also interfere with the manually Plex apk installation for PCs. Skipping out on the safety checking of those devices, you are likely to pave the way for the malicious codes which are distributed in them to get access to your network system to breach the security.

Based on those reasons, you should visit reliable sites to download apk file and with the case of milagromobilemarketing, you can let your hair down as it is among the well- liked app marketplace. The site provides a wide collection of pure and original apk files for users around the world. You got no skeptical thoughts paying a visit to our web. 

3. How to download Plex media server via

3.1. Download Plex apk file on Android Mobile Phones

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to switch on Unknown Sources. You go to Settings on your phones, drag down and click on Security and then tap the symbol to turn on the mode Unknown Sources. This security permission allows you to download apps from a place than Google Store and have them installed on your phones without being blocked. Then, you can follow the guidance below to have Android Plex media server.

Step 1: Begin your web browser and navigate to Then you will see a green search bar on the left corner of the web, click on it and look for Plex. The system will show up 3 results as the image below. You tap on the app's name you wish.

download plex apk

Step 2: Tap the button Download. Then a notification to confirm Plex download will appear, you continue the process by clicking on OK

download plex apk

Step 3: After Plex download is finished, you go to the file you've downloaded, tap on it and click on Install to begin Plex installlation on your mobile. Wait for the process to complete and you can have the app right on your screen. Enjoy every minute using the application to customize your media contents with the phone while on the go.

3.2. Download Plex apk file on PCs/ Laptop 

If you want to download Plex apk for Windows, you will absolutely need the help of some Android emulators software such as Bluestacks, ArChon, Droid4X, ect. Bluestacks, which is well- known for its gaming support and app's productivity boosting, is a good choice. Recent update has put Bluestacks for Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) one of the most common emulators to be downloaded. The developers have released the update to Bluestacks 4 to improve speed, even on older computers. The emulator works well on most reasonably recent computers and laptops.

This writing will dive into two ways to have Plex application free: using PC's browser or emulator software’s browser.

3.2.1. Download Plex apk via PC's browser

Step 1: Head to the website after opening your Web browser and in the search bar, you type Plex. Then, you click on the matching one when three app's symbols show up.

download plex apk

Step 2: Click on Download and sit back until it is finished.

download plex apk

Step 3: Next step, you launch BlueStacks on your Windows. Your PC performance will decide how long the process takes. After the emulator software is launched, you head to its home screen and click on Install apk (3 vertical dots) in the left corner.

download plex apk

Step 4: You insert Plex apk file in the pop-up window and tap on Open. After few seconds, the app will show up on Bluestacks and you can click on and open the app right away.

download plex apk

3.2.2. Download Plex apk via Bluestacks' browser

Step 1: After launching Bluestacks, you tap on the up arrow More apps to begin browser. 

download plex apk

Step 2: Head to the website, find Plex and then allow Download to begin. You confirm the notification popping up by clicking on OK.

download plex apk

Step 3: You click on Install to begin Plex for PC on BlueStacks. After Plex appear at the home screen of the emulator, you tap on Open to experience app right now.

download plex apk

To sum up, we've covered the free download of Plex on Android and PCs. Jump into action right away to have Plex media server on your devices.