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App version 2.9.5
Updated date
Capacity 18.13 MB
Installs 100,000,000+ download
publisher Zentertain
SHA1 9167d004d7268c8c5d71201f0c06ed59a9f0bac1
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App description

With someone who loves editing pictures, Photo Editor Pro is an application that cannot be overlooked. With these amazing effects and filters in this app, users can create an absolutely new picture according to your idea. In order to help you have the best experience while using this app, in this article, we will introduce you to Photo Editor Pro and also guide you on how to download Photo Editor Pro apk.

About Photo Editor Pro

What is Photo Editor Pro?

Basically, Photo Editor Pro is one of the most popular image editing applications in the world. With this app, users can fix, adjust, add funny graphics, fun easy effects, custom text, collages… And after editing pictures with Photo Editor Pro, your pictures will be more beautiful and can be very attractive if it is published on the social network.

Special features of Photo Editor Pro

  • Full of tools for editing a picture like grid, text, style, sticker…

  • Adjust the brightness of pictures wisely.

  • Make your outlook be more beautiful.

  • Save and publish high-quality images.

About Photo Editor Pro apk

What is Photo Editor Pro apk

Photo Editor Pro apk is an apk (Android application package kit) file of Photo Editor Pro that is compatible with many Android devices. This file was created as a solution for people who cannot download and install an app from the Google Play Store because of some reason.

Why should we download and install Photo Editor Pro apk?

Photo Editor Pro apk is being widely used in the world, and there must be some reasons for this appeal of apk file. As we said above, an apk file was created to be a solution for Android users. And here are some reasons that users should download and install Photo Editor Pro apk:

  • Users want to edit their photos on some other Android devices like Android TV, Android Car…

  • The Android version in your Android smartphone is old and isn’t compatible with the new version of Photo Editor Pro. With an apk file, users can download all versions of an application that was removed from the Google Play store

  • Users may face trouble while using both their computers and smartphones. With an apk file, they can experience this app on the Android emulator software on PC like BlueStacks, KoPlayer… These programs are very convenient and users will no longer have to switch devices to use Photo Editor Pro.

  • There will no longer “error” cases while downloading and installing an app from the Google Play Store.

How to download and install Photo Editor Pro apk

How to download Photo Editor Pro apk on the Android smartphone

If you want to download and install Photo Editor Pro apk on your Android smartphone, it’s so easy for you. All you have to do is getting access to our website, finding Photo Editor Pro on the search bar then start downloading this app.

For more information, you can read about instructions for downloading and installing apk files on phones and pc.

How to download Photo Editor Pro apk on the Android emulator software on PC

An apk file can be used on many devices, especially smartphones and emulator software on PC. The download of Photo Editor Pro apk can be used on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC or Laptops if you have an Android emulator software on your PC or Macbook.

There are many popular programs, and we strongly recommend you to use BlueStacks because of its special functions and convenience. If you want to know more about downloading and installing Photo Editor Pro apk on BlueStacks, you can click here to have an overview of this process.

FAQs about apk file download and installation

1. How do I uninstall an apk file?

We will guide you on how to uninstall the apk files on the Android phone, and Window with BlueStacks as well.

How to uninstall apk files from stock Android:

  • Head to the Settings app from your app drawer or home screen.

  • Select Apps & Notifications.

  • Scroll down the list until you find the app you want to delete and select it.

  • Just tap on Uninstall.

How to uninstall apk files on PC in BlueStacks:

  • Click on the "Home" button on the BlueStacks main screen. 

  • Now, you will see the option "Installed apps" on the Home screen.

  • Move the mouse near "Installed apps", it will show two options "Install apk" and "Delete apps". 

  • Click on "Delete apps". Then, you will see all the installed apps will have a small red "X" marked on the top left. 

  • Just select the small Red "X" on the app you want to uninstall.

  • Then, a pop-up box will appear asking you “Would you like to uninstall this app?”. Choose Yes to Uninstall the apk file.

2. Error Download Failed You May Not Have Purchased This App?

We can show you two methods to fix the Download Failed problem and get your games and applications on your devices.

  • The first way is to get a particular Games license from the google play store. When the downloading progress starts you will have your license. Now, whenever you install the APK files you won’t get this problem, data files will start downloading directly instead. However, you cannot use this tip for a paid game. So, follow the second quick fix.

  • In the second way, you have to place the data folder properly. Firstly, you install the APK File, but not open it. Now, you copy your downloaded folder (it should be like this in Android/obb/. The full path will look like this Android/Obb/ After placing the data folder, you start your app and it will work fine.

To sum up, we have introduced you to Photo Editor Pro and also guided you on how to download Photo Editor Pro apk. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and contact us if you still have any questions about this app. Thank you for reading and supporting!