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App version 2.8.4
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publisher TrianguloY
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App description

 Start a chat on WhatsApp without saving phone number to your phonebook!

Open in Whatsapp app uses WhatsApp public API 'click to chat' feature to begin a chat with any number without saving to contacts on your phone. Moreover, you are able to create an URL link that will open WhatsApp on the specified number. Now, let’s download it and experience this interesting app.

In this post, we will walk you through all about Open in Whatsapp for Android. Besides, you also learn thoroughly how to download Open in Whatsapp apk for Android and PC. Check it!

The Open in Whatsapp app overview

With Open in Whatsapp, you create a chat on the official WhatsApp app with another user if you know their number. Instead of saving the number into contacts, you can save it on this app and contact with these number directly via Open in Whatsapp. In particular, this is the same as clicking an unknown number on a group, creating manually the URL link or saving the contact. However, this will not permit you to 'spy other conversations', 'contact with numbers without WhatsApp', 'hide your number' or other crazy things. 

Basically, this app is designed with the 'open in WhatsApp' feature and improvements only, but for this reason, the app is greatly simple. Furthermore, it is ad-free, simple, and free, just to assist others in using this feature that WhatsApp has.

Via the WhatsApp 'click to chat' feature, you can straight open a chat with any number. Especially, no contact is created or saved on the device. Just launch the app, enter the number, click the button and the chat will be started. In case that the number doesn't exists WhatsApp will notify it immediately.

This app is quite useful in situations like:

- Someone called you and you demand to contact them via WhatsApp

- You want to send a message to someone but you don't want to store it on your phone

- Even more, starting a chat with yourself is also possible with Open in Whatsapp

Open in Whatsapp outstanding features

Create links in Open in Whatsapp

You are able to create an URL link that will open WhatsApp on the specified number. This is a WhatsApp feature, you don't need this app to open the link, only to create it. You can save the link as a quick shortcut, share it so people can contact you by setting a predefined message on a site to 'share it on WhatsApp'. 

Recent list feature

When you have just called a number, this number is saved on a recent list. In case you want to contact that number again and unfortunately, you don't remember the number, you can find it on Recent list. 

 The Open in Whatsapp apk

In this part, we will help you to understand the main function of apk file. This technical term is quite common for Android users because all Android devices support this file format. You should know the reasons to download apk file, so that the apk file download is the most appropriate choice in your own case. Let’s check the details about apk file below.

Generally, an apk file is the Android package file format aimed at sideloading and installing applications on Android mobile or tablet. This file type is operated on Android OS only.

Next, we highlight some cases that you need to download apk file when it comes to downloading apps on Android smartphone. It is likely that you may confront these problems before. 

  1. It is inevitable that Google Play may dismiss the visit of users owing to some systematic error. Even more, when you get access to the store, you may fail to download your desired app because of the download pending error.

  2. For people using PC or laptop want to have this app on your devices in order to have a better experience with a large screen and mouse control. As mentioned before, apk file is exclusively used for Android OS, so in such case, you had better download apk file on third-party websites.  

  3. If the Android version your device is running on does not match with the version of the application available on Google Store, you are advised to choose an apk file with a proper version of that app. 

  4. When the Internet connection is suddenly weak, Android users have to switch to manually install the apps. If you are in such circumstance, you should download apk file into some peripheral devices like SD card or USB and then transfer it to their mobile phone to install the app later.

How to download and install Open in Whatsapp apk

Download Open in Whatsapp apk on Android mobile phone

Next, to this part, we will instruct you on how to download Open in Whatsapp on Android phone. Following our guide below, we guarantee that you can get your hands on Open in Whatsapp after a few minutes. By now, all you need to do is heading to our website, look for the app’s name and tap on Download to start Open in Whatsapp apk download. After the apk file has been downloaded,  you tap on Install the app and then open it to start a chat right away.

We offer detailed guidance on apk file download and installation on Android phone, click on this link to view a step-by-step instruction.

Download Open in Whatsapp apk on PC/ Laptop

The download of Open in Whatsapp apk for Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC or Laptops calls for the prerequisite installation of Android emulator software. Among plenty of choices for the emulator, we highly suggest Bluestacks, which is one of the most prevalent and effective emulators for Windows.

You are able to select to apply the downloading tutorial either via PC’s browser or Bluestacks’ browser. No matter what your choice is, you need to visit our website to download Open in Whatsapp apk and then install it on the interface of Bluestacks. If you want to see the specific instruction, click on the link and you can easily carry out the Open in Whatsapp download on your desktop.

FAQs related to apk download and installation

1. Error Download Failed You May Not Have Purchased This App?

We can show you two methods to fix the Download Failed problem and get your games and applications on your devices.

  • The first way is to get a particular Games license from the google play store. When the downloading progress starts you will have your license. Now, whenever you install the APK files you won’t get this problem, data files will start downloading directly instead. However, you cannot use this tip for a paid game. So, follow the second quick fix.

  • In second way, you must place the data folder properly. Firstly, you install the APK File, but not open it. Now, you copy your downloaded folder (it should be like this in Android/obb/. The full path will look like this Android/Obb/ After placing data folder, you start your app and it will work fine.

2. How to stop APK auto download?

There are some possible ways to stop APK auto-download process:

1. Deactivate the installation from unknown sources

Go to Settings on your device > Security > Disable the feature Unknown sources

2. Disable auto-update of the app

Access Settings on your device > Apps > Select the app you want to disable auto-download > Install unknown apps > Deactivate this feature.