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App description

Have you ever experience the vast loneliness of space? Now you are in luck with Nebulous game. You stand a chance of enjoying the physics, puzzles, and the solitude of immense space.  

Nebulous is a newly released online game on Android by Namazu Studios that is a physics-based puzzle messing with your mind by numerous levels of difficulty. This is certainly the kind of game that you could play if you are using Android mobile while you are in free time, or if you are at home on your PC/Mac or Xbox One/PS4 when you want to play for a short time but do not have much time to commit to a long mission on other games. 

nebulous app
Download Nebulous apk

To have this attractive game on your devices, you can download it on Google Play as usual. However, pretending that you cannot get it from Google Play someday, so what would you do? In this writing, you will learn how to download and install Nebulous apk on Android and PC on a third-party website, which is the alternative apk file distribution platform other than Google Play.

The Nebulous game overview

The puzzle game Nebulous is designed with a bunch of appealing features. In this intriguing game, Dash Johnson, a stranded astronaut, had been stuck into a black hole and your responsibility is that you steer him through a series of daunting puzzles and get him to safety. You act like an omnipresent architect, move quickly and line up how Dash will roll, bounce, and warp through the stages to win this game. Nebulous is a true puzzle game with plenty of overly complicated puzzles, which will challenge you from an early stage to wrap your head around some dense puzzles. Raise your blobs by gathering dots arranged throughout the stage or gobbling up other smaller players. Concurrently, you also need to prevent bigger players from attempting to do the same with you if you are smaller than them. Let strive to compete with other gamers to being the biggest blob in the universe.

nebulous gameplay
Nebulous gameplay

Nebulous game features:

- Seek groups, play with friends, and join a clan or guild.

- More than 500 skins with extraordinary ways to unlock them.

- Special Power-Ups in the shop.

- Upload and share your own custom skin for other gamers to refer.

- Online multiplayer gameplay (up to 27 players per stage). 

- Offline single-player, 1v1 gameplay.

- FFA (free for all), timed FFA, teams, Timed Teams, Capture the Flag, Survival, and Soccer Mode.

- Mayhem Mode.

- XP, rewards, and Stats.

- Clan Fights

- Join Arena

- Change among Space and Grid Theme

- Play with Multiple Control Schemes

nebulous game
Nebulous game features

Some tips for winning:

- Eject the mass into a black hole to shift it

- After passing a round, sometimes your blobs will recombine.

- Find refuge from bigger players inside black holes if you are a smaller one.

- Black holes may break apart or shrink your blobs if you are a big entity.

What is Nebulous apk file?

The nebulous apk file is an Android application package aiming at handing out and installing Nebulous app on Android and even PC via emulators. This apk file can be manually downloaded from Google Play or other sites allowing apk file downloads. It is saved as the zip file and can be active by any zip decompression tool. It is essential that you select and trust a third-party source to sideload apk files in case of technical error of Google Play. I propose the website, which hosts quite a few clear apk files and freely download apk files.

Why should you sideload the Nebulous apk file?

I recommend the Nebulous apk file sideloading on website so as to rapidly download Nebulous game for Android and PC  because the apk files on third-party sources are the alternative files to avoid device restrictions and errors and more. I will list down some outstanding errors or situations in which you should sideload the Nebulous apk file from an unofficial site.

- You cannot get in access Google Play or the Google Play cannot load fully, so you should visit website, which offers a large number of safe and virus-free apk files.

- People using laptop need to download Nebulous game on Windows, so they can download the apk file of this game via Windows emulator software.

Android users want to sideload online game Nebulous, but due to the Internet error on Android mobile, they need to download apk file into the SD card, then by using SD card readers to transfer the apk file to smartphone and install the game later.

- Developers or players would like to customize the Nebulous game.

- Some Android devices do not match with the game's latest version that is updated regularly on Google Play, in other words, it is called equipment restriction.

In the coming section, I am going to guide you to conduct the Nebulous apk file download on PC and Android. As you may know, to free download Nebulous apk file, you just need to access website This third-party site covers only secure and reliable apk files that are identical to the apk files hosted by Google Play. Moreover, the apk files on website are not customized for commercial or illegal purposes. In my up-coming instruction, I will work directly on this website in order to carry out Nebulous apk file download.

How to download and install Nebulous apk on Android?

In order to allow the downloads from third-party websites, your Android mobile must be adjusted in the settings section because, by default, Android operating system prevents the downloads performed on sites other than Google Play aiming at avoiding virus infection. Now, you click on Settings > Security > enable Unknown Sources. You may need to confirm with an OK.

enable Unknown sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Next, you do these steps below to download Nebulous apk for Android:

Step 1: Get access the website, search for Nebulous game in the search bar.

seek nebulous apk
Seek Nebulous app

Step 2: Next, tap Download.

download nebulous apk
Download Nebulous apk on Android

Step 3: When a notice presents on the screen, you tap on Ok.

tap ok nebulous app
Tap Ok

Step 4: After the apk file has been downloaded, you tap Install and after 1 minute, now you have Nebulous game on your Android mobile.

install nebulous mobile
Install Nebulous on Android

How to download and install Nebulous apk on PC

Now I will guide you two ways to download and install Nebulous app for PC. But first, it asks you to install an emulator on your PC first. You have a list of options such as BlueStacks, Memu, Droid4X, Nox Player. In this guide, I download and install Nebulous app via BlueStacks, which is one of the best tools for running apps for free in full screen in your PC.

The download of Nebulous app via PC’s browser

Step 1: Firstly, you head to website via PC's browser, seek Nebulous app.

Seek Nebulous app on PC
Seek Nebulous app on PC

Step 2: Click on Download.

Download Nebulous apk on PC
Download Nebulous apk on PC

Step 3: You launch BlueStacks, then click on Install apk (3 dots) at the left corner.

Click on Install apk on BlueStacks
Click on Install apk on BlueStacks

Step 4: When a pop-up window appears, you upload the newly downloaded Nebulous apk file.

Upload Nebulous apk file on BlueStacks
Upload Nebulous apk file on BlueStacks

Step 5: You will see the Nebulous app is installed on BlueStacks.

Nebulous app installed on PC
Nebulous app installed on PC

The download of Nebulous app via BlueStacks

Step 1: Firstly, you get in BlueStacks, then click on More apps to open Browser.

Start Browser on BlueStacks
Start Browser on BlueStacks

Step 2: Access website, search for Nebulous app.

Seek Nebulous app via BlueStacks
Seek Nebulous app via BlueStacks

Step 3: Click on Download.

Download Nebulous apk via BlueStacks
Download Nebulous apk via BlueStacks

Step 4: A warning is going to show up, you click on Ok to confirm.

Click OK
Click OK

Step 5: The Nebulous apk file will be downloaded. Next, you Open the file and Install it. After that, you can fully enjoy Nebulous game on BlueStacks.

Install Nebulous app on BlueStacks
Install Nebulous app on BlueStacks

Virus Alert for Nebulous apk file

It is said that apk files shared by unauthorized sites are considered as a portal which spread the virus and malware to users' devices. It means that hackers may customize these apk files to securely insert threats on it for unlawful purposes such as stealing personal information and accounts. For that reason, users had better check and scan apk files carefully before downloading it by employing some virus detectors such as Virustotal, Metadefender, or NVISO apk scan. This is the best method to ensure apk files are pure and risk-free owing to some reasons below:

- These tools do not force users to install online virus detectors.

- They are free so you can freely scan at no cost.

- They are cross-functional tools, so they smoothly perform on both mobile devices and desktops. 

- There is no demand to update these means because all the antivirus databases have been already downloaded to the online scanner.