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App version 6.0.04
Updated date
Capacity 36.65 MB
Installs 100,000,000+ download
publisher Reliance Industries Ltd.
SHA1 9928b77701d613f249bc6677aa0240874ad0e6cb
Signature 6c8c73d5c538f64ea5097284081a97148da55133

App description

MyJio App is the second-most downloaded Indian application on the Android platform with an impressive number of registers. At the same time, MyJio broke the record of the Indian app reaching over 100 million marks in less than a year. So what is MyJio app and how to get the app’s APK file, let’s find out in this post!

What is MyJio app?

Overview of MyJio

MyJio is a self-care application from Reliance Jio Industries Ltd. or often known as Jio.  The company is an Indian telecommunications service, which is owned by Reliance Industries. Jio operates a national LTE network with coverage across all 22 telecom circles, yet the company doesn’t offer 2G and 3G service.

Normally, MyJio makes things easier for Reliance Jio customers to carry out basic functions related to their SIM cards. That is some simple but tedious ordeals like checking talk time, data balance and plan expiration date can be checked with the app and users don’t have to send SMS or dial-up codes to know these things. Not only this, users can recharge their numbers, check out the available recharge plans, new offers, discounts and more functions like that. These days, users can start by saying “Hello Jio” - a virtual assistant for all your queries. 

Outstanding features of MyJio

  • Search: 

    • MyJio will give a thorough guide to Recharge, just search for it.

    • Find other Jio apps

    • Troubleshoot and get answers to your concerns

  • Login:

    • You can get started by authenticating with your Jio SIM, this way is really fast and convenient for you.

    • Or you can choose to login with any other company’s product types.

  • JioPay

    • Providing payment instruments and Wallets

    • Saving card details for faster payment next time

  • Jio Care

    • Useful tips and answers to your queries with comprehensive FAO and series of How to Videos.

    • Get the tips or connect with Jio Care experts

    • Tackle any issues 

MyJio APK file 

MyJio APK file was created to aim at downloading and installing MyJio app on Android phone and PC. By default, apk files are compressed in the zip form with the extension .apk. Normally, APK files are hosted by Google Play and other third party websites like If you get errors when downloading the app from Play Store, just sideload to our website to get the APK file, then install and use the app as usual. 

There are numerous websites provided APK files but not all of them can be trusted. Download these files from the site you don’t know well can be harmful to your devices because probably the file contains malicious codes. We highly recommend you go to to get the pure and safe APK file.

How to download MyJio APK 

Download MyJio APK to your Android phone

For Android phones, you just head to our website then follow closely to these steps then you can download and install MyJio APK successfully.

Download MyJio APK to PC

This instruction can work for nearly all PC running systems like Windows 7/8/10...

Notice that you need an emulator on your computer first.

Q&A about MyJio APK

Question 1: Parse error when installing apk

Parse error is one of the most common errors when you install an app from a third-party provides or even Google Play.

Some reasons are causing this error :

  • The device system doesn’t have permission to download Android applications from unknown sources.

  • The security services or cleaner apps on the device prevented the installation.

  • The device’s hardware or app version is not compatible with the app.

How to fix a parse error :

If this error happens when you install an APK file, you can easily fix it by some solutions below: 

  • Allow your device to install apps from the third-party sources to download and install the APK files successfully from, don’t forget to activate this function from the settings of your device: Settings > Security > Unknown sources

  • Disable antivirus apps or cleaner services since these services can interrupt or prevent the installation, deactivate these apps temporarily can fix this problem.

  • Check your compatibility you can compare the settings information of your device with the technical information of the APK file. Then, select the most suitable APK files or update the latest Android version (if it’s necessary).

  • Reset your device If none of the solutions above works, try to reset your device, then update then upgrade the Android version. Before resetting, make sure that you back up the important data on your device.

Question 2: How to send APK to Android phones?

There are some ways to share APK files to Android phone

1. Use a transfering service such as Xender, ShareMe and ES File Explorer

Access the sharing service > Select the APK files you want to send (In some cases, you need to create a Wi-fi hotspot) > Search the nearby device and send.

Notes: Both the sending device and the receiving device need to install and launch the same file-transferring service

2. Activate Bluetooth to send and receive the APK files

Turn on Bluetooth > Access the files you want to transfer > Tap on the Share button and choose the Bluetooth option > Select the receiving device and send

3. Share the APK files via email

You can make use of the email app right on your device to share the APK file via this guide:

On the sending device: Open the email app > Write and attach the APK file to the mail > Send the mail

On the receiving device: Open the mail containing the APK files and download the attachment.

Question 3: Why can’t I install apk on my Android?

During the installation of apk files on Android phones, users may encounter one of the following errors:

- Your Android devices don’t have sufficient storage capacity for the application.

- The Android version is lower than the app’s requirements.

- Android’s specifications (Architecture, DPI) are not compatible with the app’s variant.

- Forgetting to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature in your phone’s settings (From the home screen select the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources to activate this function)

The wrapping up

To sum up, we have introduced MyJio and given the thorough instruction to download and install MyJio APK file to your phone and PC. Thanks for reading!