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App version 5.91.0
Updated date
Capacity 68.19 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher MTS
SHA1 037ad53079b5fe0921c47c1393f1fcc79ed2fc4e
Signature 15a6522d45bbdb81bf6cd9c2fbfb6fdfec5c91de

App description

Grab Driver is an application that helps connect passengers and partners. If you are a taxi driver or you have your own car and want to earn extra income, Grab Driver is the best app for you. In some Asian countries, there is a boom in ride-hailing services through smartphone applications because of its convenience and cost savings. Grab Driver is an application for drivers to register as a partner, helping manage their accounts conveniently. The app allows you to track and check your income right on your mobile device, and also participate in Grab rewards and support programs.

More about Grab Driver

Grab is a new technology platform that helps to connect drivers and customers quickly and effectively. Through Grab Driver, users are fully in control of the time, without any strings attached. Whether you are a student, an office worker who wants to increase your income, or is looking for a stable job, becoming a GrabBike driver-partner is the ideal choice for you.

Only after a short time of operation, some models have become the choice of Asian people when they want to transport beside Grab, to order a ride on the other company’s app, you just need to download the app to your phone.

How to use Grab Driver is quite simple, first, you just need to download Grab Driver and install the application on your mobile device. Then open the application and click "Register", the management will guide you step by step until you are ready.

Currently, there are many convenient ride-hailing apps on mobile devices, helping you reach drivers and call cars anytime you want, with those apps, customers can also view driver information before making a decision. Ride and pay in many different forms.

Grab Driver apk file

What is Grab Driver apk file?

Android users must have heard a few time apk file terms. In this case, Grab Driver is the app installer for the Android system. The advantage of downloading Grab Driver file Apk is that users can download but not install it right away on the device. This action may start with the user's permission. Contrary to Google Play, the downloaded application or game is automatically installed right on the device without asking for your permission. This will be inconvenient for users who use apk files for other purposes.

Why should we download Grab Driver apk file?

Some cases that users need to use Grab Driver Apk file instead of downloading directly from Google Play:

  • Users who are not customers using Grab Driver for normal messaging purposes, they are programmers, IT researchers or developers who want to use Apk files to research and develop applications which have more utilities.

  • Phones with Google Play can not download Grab Driver, this case is rare but if it happens, the only way to fix it is that users need to download apk files from websites providing apk files on the Internet.

  • Those who use Android phones but the version of the device is lower than the requirements of the update on Google Play.

  • Users need to download Grab Driver Apk to run on Android devices like Android cars, Android wear, ...

  • Some countries prohibit downloading and using Grab Driver so the apk file will be useful in this case.

  • In addition, there are countless useful features of the Grab Driver file that users will discover when using it.

How to download and install Grab Driver apk

Before going into detailed instructions, we would like to introduce the website to provide a "clean" Apk file to ensure safety for users. Milagromobilemarketing allows users to download the apk file properly with the original file on Google Play without editing or modifying, inserting viruses, ads – an action that profit the advantage of apk file to steal user information as well as install malicious code, advertisements to users' personal devices. In this article, we will use the apk file from

We must allow downloading from sources outside Google Play. This step only needs to be performed only one time and does not need to be repeated at later downloads. Steps: From the main interface of the screen select Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown sources to activate. After completing this step, let's go into the Grab Driver Apk installation details steps on Android.

Download Grab Driver apk on Android phone

If this is your first time using the apk file to install any app, don't worry. The steps are very simple. You just need to open the browser on your Android phone, then visit our website and find the keyword Grab Driver. You click download and install

See detailed steps here 

Download Grab Driver apk on PC/ Laptop

You should choose an Android emulator that is the easiest to use and best for your computer configuration. Currently, there are many Android emulators but we recommend using popular software like Bluestacks, Droid4X, Nox, etc.

After installing your favorite Android emulator, open it. Then open the web browser of the emulator, visit our website. Finally, click download, then install.

You can refer to this article to understand the detailed steps to download and install Grab Driver apk file.

FAQs about apk download and installation

1. How to open apk files on Windows?

Very simple. You only need to download and install an Android emulator and then visit our website using the browser on the emulator or the computer's browser. Finally, download and install.

2. How to know this apk file is safe?

In order to figure out whether your apk file is safe, you are advised to employ some online virus detector software such as Virustotal, Metadefender, NVISO Apk Scan. Android users use these virus scanners to check directly SHA1 and Signature of apk file. Specifically, the SHA1 and Signature in any apk file are considered the digital fingerprint. By checking the SHA1 and Signature, you can know if your apk file digital fingerprint corresponds to the APK file on Google Play. If the SHA1 and Signature of the apk file you have downloaded do not match to that one of the apk files hosted by Google Play, then the apk file is pure and virus-free.