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App version 3.41.1
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Capacity 57.69 MB
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publisher PT. Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa
SHA1 f96f81675091ae6e6824f545bbee6044d8049990
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App description

The new era of information technology has facilitated the growth in prominence of transportation network companies( TNC for short). Thanks to the online-enabled platforms to connect passengers with drivers, Gojek, an Indonesian's homegrown TNC, with services on two and four wheels, has entered its booming era. Gojek app has enjoyed more than 50 billion downloads up to now and become the must- have app to be installed on the devices of local people. 

This article will analyze the competitive edges of this online transportation app and give instruction on how to download Gojek apk on Android and PC for free via the third party site

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1. What makes GO- JEK outstanding app?

To look beyond the horizon, online transportation, food delivery, logistics, payment, or daily services asides, Gojek online is an app with a social mission. It is created with the aim to accelerate the welfare and livelihoods of the Indonesian people. By downloading the app and using Gojek services, you can help your Gojek driver earn a living as well as smoothen the flow of transport on the road. You're joining hands to the mission to improve the local standard of living. Customer service Gojek is your right place if you encounter any problems with the service or you have any wonder regarding the fee.

Up to recent days, Gojek app has build partnership with over 1 million Gojek drivers, and 30.000 other services and Gojeck subsidiaries across 50 cities in Indonesia.

Gojek app has offered a myriad of cool features and services. Straight from the app's main interface you will find the option to hail a ride and pay for it. Plus, it'll also deliver your meals, shop for you, and you can even buy mobile phone credit right from the app conveniently.

  • GoRide, GoCar Gojek, or GoBluebird for transportation or any logistical needs
  • GoFood Gojek, the service for food order that delivers your meal at the front door of your house.
  • Buying groceries is done without hassle with GoShop Gojek
  • GoMed takes care of your health without flocking to the road and queuing for the pharmacy agency.
  • Enjoy your day with movie and ticket online booked via GoTix
  • Hassle- free online shopping with GoPay. By bank account registration, you can transfer your GoPay balance to your friends, withdraw it to your bank and catch any GoPay Promo that the app offers on a monthly basis.

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2. Download Gojek apk via

2.1. What is Gojek apk?

You need to accumulate the knowledge about Gojek apk file before you jump right into the downloading process. Taking the shortcut and missing out on the apk foundation, you are likely to encounter problems and fail to come up with solutions to your issues. Gojek apk file, simply is an application package file containing data. It is exclusively created for downloading and installing Gojek app on Android-based devices. This file is zipped in the apk extension. Normally, you rarely come across the type of extension as Android system handles app's downloads out of your sight via Google Play. But for those who are technologically inclined or want to manually sideload apps from a third party site, any information related to Apk file is instilled from practice.

2.2 Virus alert when downloading Gojek apk

When you feel the need to download Gojek apk from any sources rather than Google Play, the official app store, you might worry about your devices' security. This is a must-do practice as those unauthorized sources could hide potential risks. Virus infection, malware, worm or any thing like that could be distributed into the files, which poses a threat to to your operating system. Another case is that just by a click to visit those sites, any hidden malicious codes could be transferred to your devices and the hackers, through the codes, could steal and sell your personal information for an illegal beneficial gains.

Your headache could be relieved thanks to the advent of file safety checking sites. Typing the word " malware detection site" on the Internet, and you are getting back with thousands of results. Among those sites, you better pick up one and count on it for later use. Meta Defender is highly recommended in this case as it offers competitive features over the others in terms of virus detection. It is a free online tool that serves a large customer base. The files you've downloaded, after being uploaded into the site, are unzipped and scanned in the background. The security state of your files is presented in a report so that users could grasp the problem.

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2.3. The reasons for the Gojek download from

Why should you choose as your right- hand supporter to download app Gojek on your devices? The answer is based on the amazing experience that the site offers. This open third party source provides users with safe and original apk files. You no longer have to worry about your devices' security when carrying out Gojek download for android and PC via the app marketplace.

The download of Gojek apk file via the third party site could be explained in some below situations.

  • Users can not install Gojek on their devices as the latest version of the app hosted by Google Play does not match with the version of their Android phone.

  • The systematic errors of Google Play when it fails to respond the visit of users. 

  • The low data network signal, which causes repetitive internet interruption could be the deterrent to having the app installed in users' devices. They better get access to outside app stores and download Gojek app apk file into the SD card then have it installed on their mobile latter. This is the manual installation of Gojek that the majority users come up to when they need to sideload the app.

  • Gojek mode apk download is implemented by the app's developers to customize the features for better experience.

  • People using laptop/ PC want to have a computer based Gojek app to run in the emulator software that is pre- installed on their Windows. 

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2.4. Guide to download Gojek apk via

2.4.1 Download Gojek apk on Android Mobile Phones

To download Gojek apk on Android mobile phones via, you need turn the mode" unknown sources" on in your Settings of your phone. After enabling the mode, follow the description below to successfully download and install Gojek apk file for Android for free.

Step 1: You visit the site Then you will see a search bar on the top right corner of your screen. Type Gojek and tap enter. The results of your search will immediately show up and you tap on the app that you want to download. The right on is the first result.

gojek apk download

Step 2: Continue the app's establishment by clicking on the button Download on the right side of the app. A verification question will show up. It requires a confirmation from you. Tap on OK to move to next step.

gojek apj download

Step 3: Click on on Install to begin Gojek app installation on your Android. This step covers the instruction on how to download Gojek on Android for free. All you need to do is explore the special features of the app right away.

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2.4.2 Download Gojek apk file on PCs/ Laptops

To download Gojek apk on Windows, you need to have a emulator ready in your device. Among the common ones, Bluestacks spots out as the excellent choice when it offers special characteristics to facilitate the performance of any application on PC. A minus point is that this type of emulator is relatively heavy to some Windows, however, its advantages outweigh the disadvantages in almost cases.This writing will give comprehensive description on the two ways to have Gojek apk download PC free: using PC's browser or emulator software’s browser.

1. Download Gojek apk via PC's browser

Step 1: Visit the website in your PC's browser and in the search bar, look up Gojek and tap the button Download Then, you click on the app's name that you intend to download.

gojek apk download

Step 2: Click on Download to begin the app's establishment and wait for a while until the Gojek download finishes.

gojek apk download

Step 3: Next step, you launch BlueStacks on your Windows and click on Install apk( 3 dots). Wait for the pop- up window to appear, insert the apk file that you've downloaded and tap on Open to begin Gojek installation. After finishing all these steps, the app will show up at the home screen of Bluestacks.

gojek apk download

2. Download Gojek apk via Bluestacks' browser

Step 1: First, spend a few seconds launching BlueStacks on your Windows. Then at the home screen, click on the up arrow symbol More apps to start Bluestacks' browser.

gojek apk download

Step 2: Through the Bluestacks' browser, you visit the website, look up Gojek and then tap on Download. You click on OK when the notification in the form of a verification question appears. 

gojek apk download

Step 3: At the final step, you tap on Install to begin the Gojek installation on BlueStacks. The app then appears at the home screen of the emulator and you can open it to experience the convenience the app offers on the large screen.

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That's the end of this article. In case you need our assistance, feel free to throw your words or ask any question in the comment section below  so that we can grasp your issues and try out best to help you solve the problems. Thanks!