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App description

Mobile gaming industry has witnessed a remarkable increase and become a thriving economic domain thanks to the advancement in technology. The emphasis on the dominant role of graphics design has proved to be effective, which leads to the advent of some graphics design tools that facilitate the process of playing game as well as allow gamers to immerse themselves completely in the gaming experience. 

PUBG with GFX Tool is the prime example. The frustration of stutter or the splitting headache of incompatible app version along with such a resource consuming game like PUPG are all cleared up when having the assistant of GFX Tool. And absolutely, the tool is a competitive edge of the game publisher over the competitors. Normally, you can download this tool on Google Play store, but it is reported that there is a myriad of problems associated with the source. In such case, users should download the apk file of GFX Tool in the website to take advantage of it. 

This writing will provide basic information of GFX tool, how to download GFX Tool apk file for Android and PCs and some piece of advice with regard to security when implementing the action.

gfx tool

1. Brief overview of GFX Tool in PUBG.

So, what is GFX? GFX Tool with the original name “Graphic Tool for Battlegrounds” is a useful tool which allows players to unlock Full HD graphics, 60 FPS and other graphics settings for PUBG Mobile. It is currently available only on Android. A strong plus point of the tool is that it works efficiently with both low- end and mid- end devices, which definitely contributes to the global popularity of the game by reaching a larger customer target than other gameplays. The graphics design tool is a must-have item, providing diverse and powerful game supported features to enhance the performance of PUBG and supporting users with better gaming experiences.

There are some key features of GFX Tool that make it indispensable tool in PUBG

  • Adjust the game’s resolution up to 1080p

  • Unlock the HDR graphics on low end devices and some FPS levels

  • Enable / Disable object shading and Anti Aliasing

  • Modify and enhance the quality of graphics style setting 

  • Prevent the case of resetting of game layout and fix bugs, lags while playing the game

  • Optimized game configuration

2. GFX APK on

2.1.  GFX APK

If you have had a chance to experience or own an Android device, you have been probably accustomed to the term “APK file”. GFX Tool APK is the package file format, exclusively designed for Android users to distribute and install GFX Tool. The GFX tool APK file can be installed on Android devices just like any other software on a PC.

gfx logo

2.2. Why do you need to download GFX tool APK on

There is a multitude of reasons explained for the demand of downloading and installing the tool. Below is the list of some main ones:

  • Google play is without saying an official source to freely download and install the tool. However, the problem arising is the systematic errors when users are trying to get access to it but it fails to respond.

  • The users prefer to use the tool on their PCs/ Laptops for better experience as they have a computer based PUBG app.  

  • The Android version of the user’s phone does not match with the version of the tool that is available on Google Store. To be more specific, the capitalization of the smartphone market of some brand names such as Razer Phone, ASUS ROG Phone, and Xiaomi Black Shark has dragging out the higher prices and of course, not all of us can manage to afford these high end gaming phones just to play the latest mobile games. And with the case of other low and mid end brands, the games like PUBG could have trouble running. 

  • The developers of the game want to download the authentic GFX Tool to modify, insert advertisements for their personal purposes.

  • For mobile phones’ users, they cannot download GFX Tool because of the unavailability of Wi-fi or data network. For that reason, they are advised to search for and download apk file into the SD card and then transfer it to their mobile phones later.

2.3 Guide to download GFX Tool apk via

On the regular basis, the downloads from Google Play will be automatically implemented. The Android system will block other downloads from unknown sources to avoid virus infection. As a result, the sideloads of the apk files from third-party place calls for a manually installation with the security permission. To freely download GFX Tool apk file on Android, your device needs to be adjusted to enable the download from unknown sources mode. To adjust your Android smartphone, enter Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

GFX Apk Android
Enable Unknown Sources


Now,  the guidance to download and install GFX Tool apk file for Android for free are described in detail below. Follow the steps and you will have the app ready in your devices.

2.3.1 Download GFX Tool apk file on Android Mobile Phones

Step 1: Visit website through your browser, find GFX Tool in the search bar then click on the matching name in the results.

gfx tool apk

Step 2: Press the button Download.  A pop-up window  will show up. Answer the verified question by by tapping on OK

gfx tool apk

Step 3: Tap Install to begin the  GFX Tool installation on Android. After the app establishment is completed, you can have "free GFX" in order to enjoy the experience while using it to play games  on your Android phone right now.

gfx apk


2.3.2 Download GFX Tool apk file on PCs/ Laptop ( Requirement: some emulator softwares like Bluestacks, Droid4X)

In the case that you want a PC based GFX Tool application to support you while playing games, Bluestacks, Droid4X, ect should be ready in your computer. Bluestacks, the most well-enjoyed emulator software, is effective during the process of downloading and establishing  GFX Tool. 

There are two different ways to freely download the GFX app apk for Windows. To be specific, those are using PC's browser and emulator’s browser.

The following description of GFX apk download and installation is performed in the website This is a reputable site for pure, free GFX app apk with quick download speed.

Download GFX Tool Apk file via PC's Browser

Step 1: Start web browser, enter the website, search for GFX Tool and click on the matching result.

gfx apk download

Step 2: Click on Download. Wait for a few seconds to complete the download.

gfx tool download

Step 3: Launch BlueStacks. Click on Install apk (3 dots) in the left corner on the screen

gfx bluestacks lauch


Step 4: A pop-up window will appear later, then you insert the apk file of GFX Tool and this app will be installed on BlueStacks

gfx download popup


Wait for a few seconds and you will see GFX app appear at the home screen of Bluestacks

gfx apk download

Download  GFX Tool apk file via BlueStacks’ Browser

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks, click on the up arrow symbol at the bottom More apps to start Browser.

gfx download browser

Step 2: Visit the website, look up GFX Tool and then click on Download. After the system shows up a notification, you confirm by clicking on OK.

gfx tool download via bluestcks

Step 3: After downloading, click on Install to begin GFX Tool apk file installation on BlueStacks. Click on Open to experience app right now.

gfx apk installation


That's all about how to download and install GFX app on Android and Windows. We hope that with the detailed instructions above, you can easily get this awesome app into your device and have amazing experience!

2.4. Warning about malicious GFX Tool apk file

Downloading GFX Tool apk through some counterfeit or unauthorized sources could be the culprits of the damages in your devices as those suppliers could hide potential risks.

The files are created to serve much less noble ends such as stealing data, leaking confidential information, breaching security, ect They are widespread uncontrollably at a fast rate. Below are some specific cases:

  • Users visit unsecured websites or webs containing malicious codes

  • Viruses spread by email, downloaded files,...

  • Transfer apk files via some devices such as SD card, USB, etc without checking the safety of the files and the devices.

Fortunately, your worries would be eliminated as we provide a list of trustworthy sites to check the safety of the files that you’ve downloaded.

  • Metadefender: an online detecting virus web that allows a maximum of 140 MB file uploaded. The files then are scanned respectively.

  • We highly recommend the site as it offers no limitation in terms of the file size.

  • The maximum file size uploaded is 128 MB. For some game players, it is not the ideal web to check the safety of the files.

3. Conclusion

To wrap up, free downloading and installation of GFX Tool apk for Android users via is the optimal choice that boosts the gameplay performance and facilitates the process of playing PUBG. Stay tuned, enjoy and make full use of the free graphic design tool. If you encounter any issues regarding downloading and installation process, leave a comment below so that we can try our best to offer you a perfect service.