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App version 1.4.02
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Capacity 14.03 MB
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publisher Seabaa
SHA1 c1b26a9efa1e0990cad1f54d9ce314cbc61e8ee0
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App description

The switchover of different social accounts of the same app on your Android might somewhat interrupt the flow of your entertainment contents. And in some cases, you have to use two or more phones for keeping your accounts online, which provokes a sense of annoyance. That’s the reason for the advent of Dual, an application that can help you get the best from your mobiles. 

In this post, we will walk through some of the outstanding features of the app and guide you on how to download Dual apk on both Android and PC/ Laptops platform. We hope with the extensive delivery of information, you can immerse yourselves into the advances in technology with the installation of the app on your devices.

Brief overview of Dual

At the initial step, we will sweep all your curiosity about the app with the provision of the special features that it offers. 

Basically, Dual is a cutting edge technology which allows users to run two instances of an app at the same time. It is especially handy in case users have two social media accounts and are looking to access them from the same device. Dual also supports the multiple task of gaming apps to target a large customer base around the world. 

Below are the outstanding characteristics of Dual that make it spot out the flooding app marketplace:

  1. Dual supports application cloning to keep your device running smoothly. You can install Dual App without having to download or establish any applications in your device.

  2. Dual App ensures users’ privacy. To be more specific, while using the app, you can hide your trace in the phone system. Users can customize and make full advantage of the app by hiding their private account. Hence, their data security is ensured and their privacy is highly protected.

  3. Users can log in multiple social accounts simultaneously. This is the great appeal to users as they are allowed to strike a balance between life and work easily. All they need to do is to make the personal account and work account both online.

  4. With the case of games and other applications, users can use a second account in the dual app without any concerns regarding the bugs or the mess of account information and the data in the account.

  5. Users can switch between two accounts while independently managing account information.

  6. With Dual Application for Android, users can hide double-open application message notification of choose to not display the app switch menu just by a simple click.

Dual apk file

Before jumping into the further steps to download and install Dual apk on your devices, you need to grasp the fundamental information about the tech term “apk file”. This pieces of knowledge can help you get rid of any issues regarding the downloading process in the long run.

Basically, you are more familiar with the extension” exe”. This is because Android handles app installation in the background. With the same purpose, an apk file is a package file format exclusively designed for users to distribute and install any application. Instead of going directly to Google Store to download apps, users can go to some third party sites to download apk files.

So, you might question the cases in which you need to get Dual full unlocked apk free download. Read on to find the duplicate of your situation. 

  1. The desktop-based application might be preferred than its mobile counterpart. This is because with a larger screen of a computer, users can get the best from the app.

  2. The incompatibility between the Android version of the user’s phone and the version of the application available on Google Store. This is a common cause leads to the sideload of Dual apk

  3. The low signal of network data might force users to switch to download Dual in a manual way. The process of downloading and installing Dual is quite complicated, in which they have to get Dual app apk download moved to some peripheral devices and transfer it to their mobile phone to install the app later.

  4. The systematic errors of Google Play, in some cases, are the causes leading to the failure when users try to visit the site.

How to download and install Dual! apk

Download Dual apk on Android mobile phone

The download of Dual apk file for Android phone can be implemented just by some simple steps. First, you need to turn on the mode Unknown Sources on your Android, then visit our website to search and download the apk file of Dual. Then, you install it on your phone. To get a comprehensive instruction with attached images, go to this link .

Download Dual apk on PC/ Laptop

The download of Dual apk for PC platforms such as Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC or Laptops requires users to install Android emulator software beforehand. In this post, we will direct you how to download Dual apk with the involvement of Bluestacks. 

There are two ways to download the app, which are using PC’s browser and Bluestacks’ browser. After installing Bluestacks, you access our web and download the apk file tagged along with the app and install it on the home screen of Bluestacks. Click on this link to follow the step- by- step guide to successfully download Dual apk for Windows.

FAQs related to apk download and installation

1. How to open an apk file on windows?

To solve the problem, you can use Android Studio or Android emulator such as BlueStacks to open an APK file on your PC. With the case of BlueStacks, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Bluestacks to download and install Bluestacks android emulator. After that, launch the application on your PC.

  2. Now, you download the APK file from third-party sites

  3. Double-click on the APK file to automatically and quickly install it or go to My Apps tab and then select Install apk at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Where can I download apk files for free?

Download apk files from unauthorized sources might put your Android operating system at risk. The files and the site itself can be the perfect shelter for virus or any sorts of malware. So, to protect your devices from any kinds of damage, you should choose a reputable site to download apk files. Milagromobilemarketing is your wise choice as we provide users with safe, pure and original apk files. Hence, you got no wonder counting on your web. 

For each app you download from our website, you can check your Android version to choose to download either the latest versions or older versions to meet the compatibility needs.


To wrap up, we’ve covered all the information related to the download of Dual Space application apk file on both Android and PCs. Comment below if you have any problems and we will come back to you with possible fixes to your inconveniences.