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App version 1.89
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Capacity 39.12 MB
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publisher Color Switch Publishing LLC
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App description

Color Switch is a fun and interesting game with the most unique gameplay today. Game Color Switch will bring you a series of tasks related to color identification and requires you to go through the moving game. Game Color Switch does not require players to have too many skills, we just need to be able to identify colors. Therefore, the Color Switch game is suitable for most players, including children. Your task is only to control the color dots passing through the colorful circles in the most accurate way. The game Color Switch is one of the games with many different colors, with an extremely simple interface and gameplay, this game is making many young people extremely love, with many different brain damage challenges it is challenging a lot of young people. With the extremely interesting and unique style, Color Switch promises to bring players situations that will surely fumble for players to sit still with their screens.

More about Color Switch

Have you ever conquered all levels of Flappy Bird? If so, then warm up your fingers and get ready for a new challenge in Color Switch - a super hard intellectual game. Although newly launched, the game has quickly won the hearts of millions of players around the world with the proof that 10 million installs on Google Play come with nearly 115,000 absolute reviews.

Color Switch has very simple gameplay. The interface screen will include a small ball and your task is to touch the screen repeatedly to bounce the ball. However, this is the challenge. The first is that the ball can only pass through the multi-colored circle rotating at the top when its color matches the color of the upper part of the circle that it touches. through the circle when it comes in contact with the yellow part. Next, if the color of the ball is different from the color of the part it is in contact with, the ball will burst and you will lose the game. Finally, the front circles are always rotating evenly and are arranged close together, so it is not easy to get the ball through them all. You can see the image below to better understand the interesting gameplay of this game.

Once the ball has traveled a long way, the obstacles are the circles become very complex, both in the speed of rotation, the shape, and the color also changes. This is really a very challenging game, ideal for gamers who like to conquer and love minimalism.

The dots in the game move from bottom to top, aligning the right time the color of the underside of the circle coincides with the color of the circle, then we can go over easily. The first game screen has a slow pace, but then the speed will increase gradually so to play well, the player must be very quick and fast to be able to conquer higher milestones.

Color Switch currently has more than 200 levels of play, each stage takes only about 1 minute and does not require you to play continuously, but the game will retain the current level. We can play games at any time without spending too much time on entertainment when working, studying too stressful, even this is a game suitable for children to get acquainted and quickly identify colors. sharp. Download the game Color Switch: Challenges to start participating in this new game.

The main feature of the game

  • Addictive pushing ball game.

  • The difficulty is very high, suitable for entertainment and brain training.

  • Collect stars on the way to change color for the ball.

  • Many levels of brain damage.

  • Integrated game instructions.

  • Play does not require an internet connection.

  • Overcoming many levels to unlock challenges and balls with new colors.

Color Switch apk file

What is the Color Switch apk file?

If you already own an Android, you've probably heard of the concept of apk. That is the application installer of the application on the Android operating system. In this case, the Color Switch apk is the installation file of the Color Switch game. This means that when you download apk files, you will need to install it before using it. This is a huge benefit when using apk files. It allows you to install it at any time. If you download an app or game on Google Play, it will immediately be installed after it is downloaded to your device.

Why we should download the Color Switch apk file?

Some situations below will make you want to download apk files immediately when you encounter them.

  • Users are programmers, IT researchers or developers who want to use Apk files to research and develop applications that have more utilities.

  • Phones with Google Play can not download Color Switch.

  • You want to experience Color Switch on a larger screen than the small screen of your phone.

How to download and install Color Switch apk

Download Color Switch apk on Android phone

It is just as easy as you download the app on Google Play. However, instead of accessing Google Play, open your phone's browser, then visit the website that allows you to download the apk file. Finally, click download, the application will be installed when you allow it.

See how to download the detailed Color Switch here

Download Color Switch apk on PC/ Laptop

This is a bit more difficult when you have to install Android emulation software for your computer first. After you've downloaded the Android emulator, the steps will be the same as the way you download the apk file on your phone. The only difference is that you will download them using your computer.

Click here to see how to download apk files for your computer. 

FAQs about apk download and installation

  1. How to open apk files on Windows?

You only need to download and install an Android emulator and then visit our website using the browser on the emulator or the computer's browser. Finally, download and install the apk you want.

  1. How do I uninstall an apk?

We will guide you to uninstall the apk files on the Android phone and Windows with an Android emulator as well.

To uninstall apk files from stock Android:

  • Go to the Settings app from your app drawer or home screen.

  • Select Apps & Notifications.

  • Find the app you want to delete and select it.

  • Then tap on Uninstall.

To uninstall apk files on PC in Bluestacks:

  • Click on the "Home" button on the BlueStacks window. 

  • Then, you will see the option "Installed apps" on the Home screen.

  • Move the mouse near "Installed apps", it will show two options "Install apk" and "Delete apps". 

  • Click on "Delete apps". Then, you will see all the installed apps will have a small red "X" marked on the top left. 

  • Just select the small Red "X" on the app you want to uninstall.

  • Then, a pop-up box will appear asking you “Would you like to uninstall this app?”. Choose Yes to Uninstall the apk file.