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App version 3.51.2
Updated date
Capacity 75.88 MB
Installs 100,000,000+ download
publisher Hyperconnect inc
SHA1 1354f355e779da4729ace5782fc7f8e3f998bc7b
Signature f0043f4cb72503d25713f9c74de524e3bb69e871

App description

Azar is a social networking application that makes friends with tens of millions of users in more than 190 countries, Azar opens the opportunity to connect and shorten the distance between people with a simple swipe of the screen. You can easily meet and chat with friends everywhere in the world. Up to now, there have been over 100 million downloads and more than 20 million connections worldwide. This utility helps to create opportunities for you to meet friends everywhere via live video calls.

Especially, you can choose the region and gender to start the connection. Language barriers will no longer be a problem when the translation is available. Azar allows users to video chat for free. Just by surfing the screen, Azar allows you to find and meet people living in different countries. Azar promises to bring high-speed video connectivity. Become a resident of the world with Azar for Android.

More about Azar

Sign in quickly with your Facebook account or email. Let this app know your gender and age. The location is automatically detected on the device and can be streamed directly to the chat interface, where all stranger's faces will appear on the screen. Users will receive notifications of other people's locations along with how to greet them in the local language, whether to find additional information or not entirely up to you.

Are you bored with randomly selected friends? Swipe the screen to the right for quick access to other potential people. The potential data is huge, so users need to make sure they have a wifi connection or use an unlimited data plan when chatting.

The Azar app includes lots of audio files, in order to provide a great way to get a random connection experience. There is a button to take a snapshot of the chat, for the purpose of saving the chat for later review.

In addition, all personal information of Azar users will be kept confidential and absolutely not shared with third parties. Details of the user's location will not be shared with other users and 3rd parties. You can also change it by going to settings on your mobile device.

The main feature of the Azar application for Android

  • Discover friends through video chat on 3G / 4G and WiFi.

  • Add new friends to the friends' list.

  • Free text messages and video calls with your friends' list.

  • The filters adjust the criteria for detecting friends (region, gender).

  • Video effects and filters will make you look more attractive in video chat.

  • Improve general design and application design.

  • Improve functionality and stability.

  • Play and have fun with video effects.

  • Search for friends through their user ID.

At the moment, Azar for Android's random video chat application is still an interesting and attractive way to experience. Try using and see who you can talk to, you will never know whose fate hands will go into.

Azar apk file

What is the Azar apk file?

Apk seems to be a very strange name but it is familiar to Android lovers. Surely anyone who has used Android phones has heard of the term apk files somewhere. In the case, the Azar apk file is an installer of the Azar app that runs on the Android operating system. Similar to the Windows operating system, the Apk file is like an executable file with the “exe” extension.

The function of the apk file is to allow users to download the installer without having to install it at all. If you download an application on Google Play, it means that you are downloading the apk file of that application, but after downloading, the file will automatically be installed without your allowance. This will only save time for regular users, but for those who use apk files for other purposes, it will be quite inconvenient.

Why we should download Azar apk file?

  1. Users download and install Azar for other purposes, they want to edit the file as they wish.

  2. Users want to download the apk file of Azar to install the app on laptops to get newer experiences with large screens. You can use Azar on your computer by downloading and installing Android emulation software.

  3. Android phones can't access Google Play for some reason. In this case, the only way to fix it is to download the Azar app apk file from reputable apk file providers.

  4. Your country does not allow downloading Azar apps on Google Play.

Get Azar apk download now and you will realize how interesting it is.

How to download and install Azar apk

Do not rush to find Azar apk files online and download them. Currently, there are many websites that provide apk files for users. However, no one verifies the information security of your computer from those sites. Download and install the apk file that is trusted and used by many users in the world. Many websites take advantage of providing apk files for users to insert ads, viruses, worms, trojans into your computer and phone. Be careful!

In this article, we will use the apk file taken from, this is the apk provider that is trusted by millions around the world.

Download Azar apk on Android phone

The steps to download and install the apk for your phone are very easy. You can do them with a few taps. You can see how to download and install details here

Download Azar apk on PC/ Laptop

The steps to download Azar apk on PC are the same as you do on your phone. However, to run Android applications on your computer, you need to download and install Android emulation software for your computer. There is a lot of software that supports Android operating systems for computers, we recommend that you use light software that suits your computer's configuration. This detailed guide will help you download and install Azar for Android using Bluestacks software

FAQs about apk download and installation

How to open apk files on Windows?

As mentioned in the above section of the article, to open the apk file on your computer, you need to install the Android emulator for your computer first.

Where can I download apk files for free?

There are many websites that offer apk files but are not reputable and clean. We recommend you to use apk files from milagromobilemarketing which is a famous and trusted apk website in the world.