Youtube Videos Keep Pausing Android – Some Of The Best Solutions 

There could be literally thousands of reasons why your youtube videos keep pausing Android on your phone. 

Among them, there are some you can fix easily with just a few easy steps. In this article, Milagromobilemarketing shall offer solutions to the common causes, or at least identify where exactly the issue is and ask for help accordingly. 

Possible Solution to Youtube Videos Keep Pausing Android

Internet speed

Before we speculate any further, it is imperative to figure out if the pausing was caused because of the slow internet speed. In that was indeed the case then there is nothing else you can do except upgrading your internet. 

Internet speed

To find out if it was caused because of the internet speed, click on whichever video while connected to wifi. When the video pauses, switch to 4G or 3G data. If the video runs as usual again then it is highly like due to your wifi being too slow. 

However, if the video still does not load after you switch to your mobile data, then either even your mobile data is slow or it is due to another problem. 

Reinstall Youtube Apps

Occasionally, technology tends to be glitchy for no reason. The quickest way is to uninstall and install the app again. You have no idea how effective a simple solution like this can be. 

Reinstall Youtube Apps

There have been so many occasions when all my tech-savvy friends were trying all sorts of complicated solutions to fix this issue, just to later found out the issues were gone because the app was reinstalled. 

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Smart Pause

One of many Android features that is surprisingly unknown to many, the smart pause. Perhaps your friend did the setting for you, perhaps it is a default setting of your phone, whatever the case is, if you are using a Samsung Galaxy, this might be the cause of the constant pauses of your Youtube videos. 

Smart Pause

While this setting is on, a random touch or an accidental swipe of your fingers might be misunderstood as a command to pause.

Head over to the motion and gesture setting and turn off everything then reload the video and see if the problem persists.

Take a Break Reminder

This is less likely to be the case but if the above solution hasn’t been able to help, this is your last self-help solution. 

Youtube has a feature to remind you to take a break by, you guessed it, pausing your video once in a while depending on your setting. The feature is usually off by default, but there might have been a chance it is turned on without you realizing it.

Take a Break Reminder

Head over to the setting in your Youtube apps, and click on General. The remind me to take a break option is right at the top. If it is on then voila, you found the issue. 

Wrapping up 

If all the above solutions didn’t help, the issue is most likely with your hardware. Although there is also a slight possibility that the software was somehow messed up causing the pauses, it is very rare. Regardless, if the youtube videos keep pausing Android even after you have tried everything,  you should head over to your mobile phone provider and ask them to inspect your device. The staff will have their own standard procedure to figure out the problem, and if the device is still within the warranty period, this is definitely a legitimate reason to claim for a replacement. 

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