[SOLVED] Where Are Voicemails Stored on Android?

If you resort to the Internet to learn where voicemails are stored on Android, you must have no luck searching for your voicemails. To check your voicemails, open the Phone app then look through the Voicemail menu. In addition, you can use EaseUS Android, a data recovery software app, to fetch voicemails. Continue reading to be able to access voicemails at your leisure.

How to save voicemails on Android

where are voicemails stored on android

Most Android phone nowadays can save voicemails. However, the process will differ a little bit based upon your service provider, voicemail app, and smartphone model. In fact, the stock phone or voicemail apps from most major providers have an option to save copies of your voicemails.

Just open your phone’s voicemail app, then select the message you want to save. The app will present you with a list of options. And, the save option is often listed as “save”, “save to phone,” “archive,” or something similar. You can choose the appropriate option for you. After that, select a storage location is prompted, and save the file that you want.

Also, you are able to back up the saved voicemails to your cloud storage service of choice. Then, you should download a copy to physical storage such as an HDD, SD card, or USB flash memory for extra safekeeping.

Unluckily, some providers offer voicemail apps are not compatible with android phones. There are several third-party applications that will allow you to save your voicemails instead, but they are paid. And many Android phones will let you save voicemails only when you’ve installed the app. For example, Google Voice app has a feature to send your voicemails as MP3s to your email inbox, but like many other third-party apps, this will only enable for voicemails received after you signed up for the service and enabled the setting. If not, the received voicemails will need to be stored in another way.

Possible methods to recover deleted voicemail messages

recover deleted voicemail messages

Compared with the traditional way of emailing, or texting, nowadays voicemail has been becoming more popular for users to keep in touch with each other. However, the voicemails stored on the Android phone are prone to be deleted or removed because of accidental deletion, factory reset, phone or system upgrade or many other reasons. In some cases,  it can be sad if you lose the voicemails with precious memories. Fortunately, it’s possible to retrieve deleted voicemails. In this part, we will show you ways to recovery voicemails on Android.

Recover deleted voicemails on Android phone app

Recover deleted voicemails on Android

1. First, open the Phone app and select Voicemail.
2. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, select “Deleted Messages” that will list all the recoverable deleted voicemails.
3. Lastly, just tap on the voicemails you want to save, and select the “Undelete” to retrieve them back.

That’s all. We hope the above way will help you rescue your deleted voicemails. However, if you do not see the Deleted Messages panel, perhaps there aren’t messages to recover. In this case, we suggest you use third-party voicemail recovery app to restore the deleted voicemails.

Guide to recover Voicemails from Android phones and tablets

recover Voicemails from Android phones and tablets

For Android users, you can try EaseUS Android data recovery software which helps you recover voicemails with just simple clicks. Moreover, this app has a powerful data recovery capacity and a wizard-like interface. Especially, it supports most of popular Android phones and tablets.

  • Firstly, you have to run EaseUS MobiSaver for Android. Then, let the EaseUS software scan all lost data on the phone’s memory and the external SD card.
  • After that, choose the voice messages in the voicemail that you want and click “Recover” option to recover them back from your Android device.


Now you have ideas about where are voicemails stored on android? Hopefully, you have retrieved voicemails successfully with these ways. Visit milagromobilemarketing.com for more details.