[SOLVED] Where are Overdrive Files Stored Android

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see people asking about where Overdrive files are stored Android. To look for ebooks and audiobooks, you only need to connect your Android device to a computer then use File Explorer. Check out this article to access downloaded digital content and enjoy them to the fullest.

where are overdrive files stored android

Before jumping into our main troubleshooting, we would like to introduce the basic information of  Overdrive app for Android which is really helpful. 

What is Overdrive Android?

Overdrive is a free service offered by your library or school that lets you borrow digital content like ebooks and audiobooks anytime and anywhere. Every OverDrive collection varies between libraries because each library or school picks the different digital content they want for their users. Currently, there are more than 40,000 libraries worldwide offer titles from OverDrive, so download the app and find your next book today!

Overdrive is now available in both Google Play and iOS. It has been downloaded by over five million Android users in all over the world. As you will download books online, it’s quite hard to find the downloaded files on your devices, so the question “Where are overdrive files stored Android” is fairly common.

How to use Overdrive on your Phone/Tablet?

Notice that to get started with free digital content from your library or school, you need to have a library card or student ID, then download the app and follow these steps:

1. After installing Overdrive, open it and tap the Overdrive icon.

Where are Overdrive files stored Android step 1

2. Tap Add a Library.

Where are Overdrive files stored Android step 2

3. Then just add your Library’s zip code or your city’s name then Overdrive you display a list of libraries, choose yours.

Where are Overdrive files stored Android step 3

4. To save as your Library, just tap the Star!

Where are Overdrive files stored Android step 4

5. Select your library, then Overdrive will link to your library. Just sign in to use your own account.

Where are Overdrive files stored Android step 6

6. Scroll down to find the book you want to borrow then tap “Borrow” -> Download

7. This time you need to choose one of two formats: Kindle Book and Adobe EPUB ebook.

Where are Overdrive files stored Android next step

8. Waiting for a while then go to “Bookshelf” to find that ebook and enjoy it!

Where are Overdrive files stored Android?

If you use Overdrive in Android phone or tablet, you should plug it into a PC. Then open File Explorer to search for the book.

For example, here is the file path that one user used: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.overdrive.mobile.android.mediaconsole/files

The download files will show after then. This method is very simple but works for many people. Try it to solve the problem “Where are Overdrive files stored Android

Overdrive review

If you are wondering whether to download Overdrive or not, then read these comments to make the right decision!

Overdrive review

Account “Charlye Parker” gave Overdrive 5 stars with a positive comment: “Overdrive makes the act of reading effortless. Overdrive is easy to use. Perfectly organized and categorized. Easy to search, browse, download, check out library books, return, hold, recommend books, and keeps track of my history, ratings, wishlist. Built-in dictionary-translator. Overdrive audio books keep me company while driving or doing mundane projects. It’s free! IT IS AD FREE!!! … It is simply the best reader app, ever.”

“Great app for reading books or listening to audiobooks, with a large library of books and convenience when you want it. I feel that this app is quite nice for people who have a busy schedule or for those who like to read on the fly. I would recommend app to have less of a library experience as there are times when my books have been borrowed out and I can only put it on hold and wait. I believe that since this is an online resource that a book or an audiobook should be accessible at all times.” – Qing Zhong reviewed.

The bottom line

To sum up, Overdrive is such a great app for Android. To solve “Where are Overdrive files stored Android“, just plug your phone to PC then use file explorer to find them. Hope that it would work for your device. Thanks for reading!