[SOLVED] Vudu App Not Working Android

Walmart’s Vudu is the most-used video services available in the US. In other words, you might see the ‘Vudu Android App Not Compatible‘ error when you are outside the US, for example, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, and anywhere else overseas due to geo-restrictions. To bypass this, or to access the channel abroad, you’re going to need to use Unlocator VPN or Smart DNS. If you don’t know how to use, don’t worry we are here to teach you how to overcome ‘Vudu Android App Not Compatible‘ issue outside the US.

What is Vudu Android App & How Does It Work?

Vudu Android App

VUDU Android app is an American platform that delivers all sorts of content to users, like full-length movies and TV shows. This online video store is a pay-per-use service. it means that you must pay for movies and shows that you intend to watch. For example, HDX movies on Vudu often come in anywhere between about $7 and $20, that depends on how recent and popular the film is. And, SD movies may cost $1–$5 less. As you might know, VUDU android application has similar price ranges to Amazon, and it also offers special deals, most notably bundles. Each bundle typically consists of two movies for a flat $7.99. It may be the best savings you’ll find on VUDU. One interesting point of  Vudu that you can rent movies. This means you don’t need to purchase them to own forever. 

Why is Vudu Android App Not Compatible?

Vudu Android App Not Compatible 

Some people believe that the Vudu app is only available in the US, so watching a movie on VUDU while abroad is impossible. Even when you bought the movie in the US and want to stream it outside the country, your Vudu app is no longer compatible, and you’ll receive the geo-error message: “Oops! This movie won’t play on your display due to copyright restrictions.” However, there are some tricks to overcome this situation that will be explained in the next part.

Method 1: Watch Vudu Outside US – Use Smart DNS

Watch Vudu Outside US Using Smart DNS

 The first way is to use Smart DNS that will help you watch movies on Vudu no matter where you reside. When setting up Unlocator DNS on your streaming device, you can disguise your online location from geo-blocked streaming services like VUDU. Especially, you don’t need to get data encryption so that you don’t need to concern that your IP will be changed radically or permanently throughout your connection. The setup process is fairly simple. You have to mask your IP only for Vudu. Here is what you need to do to unblock Vudu outside the US

  • You choose a SmartDNS service
  • Then you sign up for a free Unlocator Smart DNS
  • Next, you have to proceed with manual configuration of your Android device
  • After that, you choose a US server
  • Now, you can visit Vudu, and watch VUDU anywhere you are.

Method 2: Use VUDU Android app Outside the US with Unlocator VPN

use Unlocator VPN to watch VUDU Android app Outside the US

Like Smart DNS, Unlocator VPN also allows you to mask your true identity online but in a different way. With VPN, you can reroute your whole traffic through one of its remote servers in a country of your choosing. In this case, you need an American server. When you connect with Unlocator VPN, you will get a US IP address. As a result, Vudu will think you are located in the States and lead you to access its blocked content. Follow these steps below to enjoy Vudu films regardless of your location using a VPN:

  • First, select a VPN service provider, and find the plan that suits you
  • Then, sign up and connect to the VPN, or you can download the VPN installation required
  • Next, look for a US server, and connect Vudu using that remote server
  • That’s all. Now you are able to visit Vudu and enjoy its content.


Vudu Android App Not Compatible is a common problem toward any Hulu’s Users. Fortunately, it isn’t too complex to solve if you are aware of its reasons to find the right solution. Hopefully, with this article, you can bypass this trouble to watch movies on Vudu everywhere you want. You also can go to our website milagromobilemarketing.com to read other blogs that may be a remedy for your queries about the tech fields.