[SOLVED] What Should You Do When Photos Disappeared From Android Phone

One day, you opened your Android phone, and you found out that your photos disappeared from Android phone. You freaked out because there were so many memorable pictures that you didn’t want to lose. 

Don’t worry! Let milagromobilemarketing reveal some possible solutions to fix your problem.

How To Make Your Photos Reappear From Android Phone?

Ways to recover your deleted pictures

If you lost your photos because you accidentally deleted them, here are some tricks you can try to get them back.

recover your deleted pictures

Recover photos from the cloud

Usually, most of the images are backed up in the cloud automatically. And if you have this “backup” function turn on, you can quickly recover your deleted photos. 

You can get your pictures back, by logging in to your cloud app and download your deleted photos. For example, if you download your pictures from Google Photos, you can click on the image and select Save to device from the menu.

Recover photos from your SD card

In case, you didn’t back up your photos; you could still recover images through the SD card.

You need to connect your SD card to your laptop and use special recovery software and tools to recover your photos. However, the deleted files can be overwritten when there are new files. So, you have to remove your SD card as soon as possible before the deleted photos get overwritten. 

Note: you can only use this way when your phone has a microSD card.

microSD card

Use recovery software

What should you do if you didn’t have your photos backup as well as a microSD card? In that situation, you can use some recovery software. And one of the most reliable apps you can use to get photos back is Recuva. 

You can go to our website to download the app without any application installing

Ways to make downloaded pictures reappear

Now you know some ways to recover your photos when accidentally deleting them. But what if your photos are gone for no reason, what should you do?

Here are some possible solutions you can try:

Remove unnecessary files

If your downloaded photos disappear, likely, your phone’s internal memory may not have enough storage space. In that case, you should first check the available space on Android Settings – Device Maintenance – Storage – Clean now.

Then, you can use apps like CCleaner or CleanMaster to clean your phone’s unnecessary data. You can also delete barely used apps to free your storage.  

Clear cache

Another way you can try to help your photos reappear is by clearing the cache.

All you have to do is to go to the Settings and look for Application Management. Once you are in, scroll down to find the Gallery and click on it. Now, you press the “Clear cache” button. After that, you go back to the main screen, close all running apps, and reboot your Android device. 

Sometimes, it takes a few tries to make the pictures reappear. 

Note: Since there are a lot of Android devices, steps can vary.

Clear cache

Wrapping Up

We hope that our tricks have helped you fix the issue photos disappeared from Android phone and get your photos back. For future reference, we would highly suggest that you spend time backing up your photos to your computer or digital library. Backing up files will help you a lot, especially when your Android phone faces serve problems like having a virus and losing all the data.

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