[SOLVED] What is XT9 on Android?

Nowadays, as instant messages dominate the social media world, people are searching for tools helping them to type faster and auto-correct misspelled words. If you are one of them, this article will be the right place for you. Today’s post will answer you by giving the topic: What is XT9 on Android? 

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Definition of XT9 on Android

XT9 was originally developed by Tegic Communications, and now it becomes a part of Nuance Communications. The main mission of it is to predict a text and correct system for mobile devices with full keyboards rather than the old-style keyboard. Previously it was created for devices with styluses, but it is used for touch screen devices now. So, what is XT9 on Android? Well, it’s XT9 predictive input which is used for Android devices.

XT9 is an upgrade for the T9 software that lets it work with PDAs and smartphones that have handwriting recognition or Qwerty keyboards. 

what is xt9 on android

With XT9, now you can type much faster as the keyboard will give useful suggestions about the next words, the words that you usually use. Moreover, if you indeliberately make misspelled words, the system will auto-correct them which saves time and creates a more precise message. The XT9 dictionary attempts to become more intuitive over time by allowing users to add news words. You can also use this functionality with a wide variety of languages and switch language at the touch of a button.

After understanding what is XT9 on Android, you may wonder how to turn on or off this predictive text and the way to delete all the unwanted words from XT9 dictionary, here we will show you. 

How to remove all the unwanted words from XT9 dictionary

Remembering words is the great feature of XT9, however, sometimes we accidentally add one or many words that we don’t want our phone to remember. Here’s how to solve:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android phone.
  2. Scroll down to find Locale and Text, tap it.
Locale and Text
Tap Locale and Text

       3. Touch Samsung keypad

Samsung keypad
Tap Samsung keypad

       4. Select XT9 advanced settings.

XT9 advanced settings
XT9 advanced settings

       5. Choose XT9 my words.

XT9 My Words
XT9 My Words

       6. After step 5, all the saved words will appear, press the Settings button and there are two choices for you: Add and Delete, tap Delete.

Add and Delete.
Tap Delete

        7. Select the words you want to remove then touch Delete, press Delete to confirm your action.

Press Delete
Press Delete

So, with only 7 steps below all the unwanted words from the XT9 dictionary will be deleted.

How to turn off the auto-correction feature of XT9

Sometimes, it’s annoying when XT9 keeps correcting our deliberately spelling mistakes. You can disable it by:

  1. Open the Application tab and tap Settings.
  2. Tap Language & Keyboard, then choose XT9 Text Input.
  3. Choose Preferences and finally turn the Auto-correction off.

In case you want to use this feature again, just go to Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> XT9 Text Input -> Preferences -> Turn on Auto-correction

Guide to change the languages of XT9

Besides tapping the globe key on the on-screen keyboard, you can choose more languages by following these steps:

  1. Open Applications tab and go to Settings
  2. Tab Language & Keyboard, then XT9 Text input.
  3. Tab Languages, choose the one you want.
  4. Press OK to confirm. Now when switching languages via the globe key, you will only see the selected languages. 


In a nutshell, milagromobilemarketing has shown you “what is XT9 on Android” as well as a way to delete unwanted words from the XT9 dictionary and to turn the auto-correction on and off. Hope the information we provide is helpful. If you have any questions related to this topic, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading!