What is The Mystery Notification Sound Android?

While surfing through emails from our readers, Milagromobilemarketing noticed several peculiar questions on mystery notification sound Android.

Some of our readers have been hearing unknown notification sounds from their devices, yet when they check their phones, there is no notification. 

mystery notification sound Android

If you are also experiencing the same issue, below are some possible causes which we have come up with as an attempt to you help you figure out what is going on. 

Possible reasons for the occurrences

Facebook messengers

The very first thing that came to our mind was Facebook login related issues. It had happened in our office before and took us a while to figure it out. Here is what happened. 

Facebook and Facebook messenger are two separate apps. One is for browsing other people’s homepages, photos, stories, and whatnot while the other is for texting. However, there will be an issue if the Facebook app is logged in as a different user to the Facebook messaging app. 

Facebook messengers

When the account that is used for logging in to the Facebook app receives a text, it will trigger a notification regardless of whether or not you are logged in to Facebook messenger. 

To protect the user’s privacy, the notification will not show up if you aren’t logged into Facebook messenger using the same account. There will only be sound and vibration. 

Battery monitor apps 

Several of our readers experienced a different issue, though. After half an hour of live chatting with them, we found out that the unknown notification sound came from their battery monitor apps. 

Battery monitor apps

These are the apps that would warn users of the hot battery or any other battery-related issues of your demand. These apps sometimes might get a bug which gives a false alarm of heated battery but then wouldn’t show anything. If you are using an app like that, switch it off for a few hours and see if there is still any mysterious notification sound. 

Check your voicemail box

Depending on your carrier and the setting of your specific Android device, you will receive notifications whenever your voicemail is nearly full. However, the system wouldn’t show any text or messages and only alert you by sound.

This problem is only applicable to specific Android device, so read on if that doesn’t seem to be your case.

Notification reminder 

Notification reminder

Another possible explanation is that you have an app set to high priority within the notification reminder setting. It is a handy feature that will remind you of any unread or unattended notification from an important app. 

We are guessing what happened was that the same notification message popped up with the sound, and you thought there was no new notification at all. 

To check if that was the case, go to Settings, scroll to Personal, then tap on Accessibility and locate Notification reminder. See if there is an app with high priority there and disable it. Wait for a few hours and see if the issue is gone. 

Wrapping up 

There are so many plausible theories for your mystery notification sound Android, especially with a rooted device. 

If none of the above cases apply to you at all, please shoot us an email with your specific circumstances, and Milagromobilemarketing’s tech-team will have a look and contact you as soon as possible. 

That’s it now folks, thanks for reading, and we will see you in the next article. 


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