[SOLVED] What is The Best Volume Booster for Android 2015

If you need to crank up the volume of your phone, read this article for a list of best volume booster for Android 2015.

There is an app for everything 

From time to time, there are occasions when the maxed volume just isn’t enough. That is especially true for movies with actors and actresses who sound like they are whispering to you (even though the shape of their mouths seems like they are shouting).

The thing is, straight up buying an additional speaker might not be preferable at all if they are to be used just for those rare occasions only. 

That’s why Milagromoblemarketing would like to introduce a list of best volume booster for Android 2015. In this list, you shall find a list of top quality volume boosters with additional features that are both fun and useful. 

A list of best volume booster for Android 2015

Equalizer FX

It has to be put at the top of this list. The app does what a volume booster is supposed to do, which is cranking up your volume. 

Equalizer FX

Though the reason why it is prioritized to be put up first is that we found its audio effects quite amusing. It is a third-party and free app but it works with streaming services. Do you know what that means? 

It means you get muck around with the audio on whatever movies you are watching. Turn the Disney-like background music into a death metal song with that Super Bass effect. Need more ideas to have fun? Here is another one, apply the classical effect to hip hop music and turn those gangsters into Mozarts. 

Volume Booster GOODEV

If you are not looking to screw around and just want to improve the volume, then consider Volume Booster GOODEV.

It doesn’t take much storage out of your phone, just a measly 2.9MB which is nothing but a chunk of change for most Android devices these days. 


Are you a proud sound editor that regularly tinker with sound editing, and you just have a rooted Android device too? Viper4Android is your girl for the job. 

The app sounds cool and certainly matches with the powerful sound editing toolset it has. Boosting the volume? This bad girl can amplify audio effects to extend that was previously believed to be impossible for a mobile device. Cranking up the volume is nothing but a walk in the park. 


There is the option for reverberation, speaker optimization, differential sounding, headphone surround + for the 3D effects and many more. VLC for Android 

VLC for Android

If you have trust issues and only use trustworthy apps then VLC is here to offer peace of mind. You should be familiar with the brand already. They have been around for nearly a decade or perhaps even longer than that. 

The name value itself should be able to provide you a sense of security. As you would expect what a volume booster would do, the VLC for Android shall not disappoint. Volume gesture, 200% amplification, playlist mode, you name it, the app can do them all. 

Wrapping up 

The best volume booster for Android 2015 won’t be able to turn your mobile device into a karaoke speaker, but it sure as hell can boost your audio by quite a margin. Anyway, that’s it for a mini-review article. Stay tuned, because Milagromobilemarketing will have more articles on Android phones related topics that you might be interested in.