[SOLVED] Package Android Does Not Belong to 2000 Error

Trying to install an app to your SD card and package Android does not belong to 2000 error pops up? Read this short article to understand more about it.

Before we dive into the topic, Milagromobilemarketing would like to inform you that this is not an article on how to fix the error. The reason is simple, not only does instruction to “fix” it would drag on for at least 10  pages, but also tons of technical terms would be involved. 

package Android does not belong to 2000

Hence this article is merely here to discuss what package Android does not belong to 2000 error means and provide some fundamental knowledge on it. ‘error: java.lang.securityexception: package android does not belong to 2000″

What is it and why does it happen

Generally, your Android device will not let you install any apps on an external SD card. At least, without rooting your device, you wouldn’t be able to do it. Even with a bit of know-how and you connect your device to PC to do so with some coding, the OS still wouldn’t let you. 

Typically the command you would use is likely to be “pm set-install-location 2” and what follows is the error message right? The reason why the system would let you do so is that:


The sort of permission required to install an app onto the SD card would be somewhat similar to Unix permission management. Such permission would allow the installed app to write on any file and do almost whatever it is that it wants to do.

The system recognizes this sort of behavior as potentially malicious thus straight-up rejects you to do so. Even if the apps you are installed are from trust-worthy, that still leaves a backdoor for other viruses to harm your device. 

SD card is removable

SD card is removable

Installation of an app is essentially the same as building and adding a new block to the town. You would like that block to be on a block of concrete and a safe environment. Installing an app on an SD card that can be removed anytime is no different to building a house with half of its foundation supported by a retractable bridge from the other side. 

One pull and the house crumble, and similar to that, if you remove the SD card, the app loses half of its installation and crash your device immediately (most likely would).

A way to get around it

Before you read this part, please allow us to triple emphasize one more time this is not a fix nor a solution, it is simply an alternative you could try to get around the issue. 

If, for whatever reason, you decide to push on, then here is what you can do: 

Step 1: Root your phone 

Step 2: Set up another partition in the SD card and set it as primary (at least 2 GB)

Step 3: Download Link2SD from our side here.

step 3

Step 4: Open the app then when the app asks if you would like it to mount to the primary partition in the SD card then reboot your phone. 

You should now be able to direct the app installation to the SD card. However, be warned that doing so would subject your device to a lot of potential errors and crashes. 

Bottom line 

Package Android does not belong to 2000 is basically a warning telling you that you are messing with the OS too much. 

The above information is some basics on what it is and how to get around but Milagromobilemarketing highly suggests against unless you know what you are doing. 

Anyway, thank you for reading and have a nice day!