[SOLVED] What Is Google Play Services Apk 12.6.85

Android users use Google Play Services to update Google apps and apps downloaded from Google Play store.
Google Play Services supplies main functions such as authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the most updated user privacy settings, and higher quality, lower-powered location-based services.

With Google Play services 12.6.85, you are able to enhance your app experience because this tool helps you to speed up offline searches, offer more immersive maps, and boost gaming experiences. Here we walk through what Google Play Services apk 12.6.85 is, what it is used for and why it is indispensable in great details. 

What is Google Play Services apk 12.6.85?

Google Play services 12.6.85 apk is an Android application package kit for distributing and installing Google Play services 12.6.85 app on Android device. Apk file is compressed in the zip format with the extension .apk. It is hosted by Google Play store, but also available on other third-party apk file distribution platforms. 

Google Play services 12.6.85 apk
Google Play services 12.6.85 apk

The fact that Google Play Services 12.6.85 is not an app in the way most Android users think of apps. Google Play services 12.6.85 is a version of Google Play Services. Nothing will happen if you attempt to open Google Play Services 12.6.85. You can download Google Play Services 12.6.85 apk from multiple apk file distribution portals. The functions of Google Play services is to provide regular updates. Especially, the number of permissions it involves is impressive. On Google Play services 12.6.85, you can easily access and manage over SMS. Besides, you can enter private log data, approach to all the data from Google apps, etc. In short, Google Play Services 12.6.85 apk is an app, which is quite closely linked to the Android operating system itself.

Furthermore, Google Play Services 12.6.85 apk is a package of APIs (Application Programming Interface) that support programmers. And, it also assists apps in communicating with other apps with ease. This function is set up in order to make sure that fewer apps are dependent upon Android operating system updates to perform.

What are the functions of Google Play Services apk 12.6.85?

Basically, Google Play Services 12.6.85 marks a minor smartphone revolution. To illustrate, Google Maps app, before Google Play Services, if you want to have Google Maps updated, it is required that the Android OS was also updated. As you may understand how slow carriers and manufacturers can be when it comes to rolling out an app update. But now, there is no more time-consuming update to Google Maps because they are done automatically via Google Play Services.

Moreover, Google Play Services 12.6.85 also support your smartphone to develop from the latest versions of apps without upgrading to the latest version of Android OS. Nevertheless, this feature does not work on all apps. Specifically, it is chiefly for Google’s home-brewed apps such as Gmail, Google+, Google Play, etc. 

Google Play services 12.6.85 apk on Android
Google Play services 12.6.85 apk on Android

At its core, via Google Play Services, any Android version, from Android 2.2 and higher, can take advantage of new apps and features, apart from Android OS updates. It is vitally a method of fencing in fragmentation. It also makes sure that as many Android users as possible can experience Android constantly.

The newly-released Google Play services 12.6.85 is a transformation in the operating system that came with Android 4.3 but has remained to develop instantly with new Android updates, specifically with the arrival of Lollipop and Marshmallow. At present, Android 9.0 Pie is widely available. For that reason, Google Play services 12.6.85 has become a definitely crucial part of the Android ecosystem.

Google Play services 12.6.85 apk
Google Play services 12.6.85 apk

FAQ about Google Play services 12.6.85 apk

How to disable Google Play Services 12.6.85 apk?

In the past, it was quite easy to disable Google Play services. However, as mentioned, all your Google apps need it to operate smoothly, so it is too indispensable to remove on your own. But due to the availability of custom ROMS such as LineageOS, it is likely to have your Android phone running wholly free of Google Play services.

Why does Google Play Services 12.6.85 drain battery?

In general, Google Play Services consumes a small amount of battery. However, in some cases, Android users have reported that Google services gobble up an inordinate amount of battery after updating Android OS. The most likely cause is an incompatibility problem between your Android version and that of Google Play Services 12.6.85.

Google Play Services 12.6.85 apk
Google Play Services 12.6.85 apk

The quick fixes are:

  • Method 1: Delete updates to the app: At first, you enter Settings > Security > Device Administrators and disable Android Device Manager. After that, delete updates to the app by accessing to Settings > Applications > All > Google Play Services > three dots menu > Uninstall updates.
  • Method 2: Turn off the synchronization of Google data: You get access to Settings > Accounts. Next, you tap on the menu button (three dots) and switch Auto-sync data off.

Wrap up

We hope that this article has cleared up some of the questions around Google Play services apk 12.6.85. Let us know in the comment if you have any questions. 

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