What Is Cloud Agent Android

What is Cloud Agent android? Cloud agent is an Android software which is built into the system in Android phones, particularly the Samsung phone. Moreover, like the Dropbox app, Cloud agent is a service to automatically upload photos. The cloud agent folder is used to sync images from your dropbox cloud account to your phone, so they will be available in the image gallery.

Cloud Agent Settings on Android

Cloud Agent Settings on Android

If you own an Android phone and sometimes you don’t understand where you are losing most of your space, you can take a look at the CloudAgent Application which can be seen in the Cloud menu inside the settings. Or, if you link your DropBox account to your phone, you can use it to automatically upload taken photos and videos. By default, the cloud settings are configured to make a local backup of all camera upload images, and videos. It means that your cache will take a lot of space on your phone (in the cloudagent/cache/root/ folder).

You can check and disable it in the settings. Firstly, you go into Settings -> Cloud menu, then select Pictures and Videos menus to check if the cache is activated and to disable it.
When done, all local (cached) files in your phone will be automatically deleted, but Dropbox uploaded photos and local taken photos won’t be impacted.

Fix ‘CloudAgent Has Stopped’ error on Android

Some people have reported that they often receive the error said ‘Unfortunately CloudAgent Has Stopped’ on their Android phone’s screen. And this nagging issue has started showing up now and then, right from the first day of using the device and usually took down whatever app they were working on when they clicked on OK. This problem usually popped up when users were in the Photo Gallery, browsing photos. However, this wasn’t the only time when it occurred, the error may also appear on the shutdown screen.

Fix 'CloudAgent Has Stopped' error on Android

Fortunately, the issue isn’t complicated to understand. The main reason is that CloudAgent – a Google service running in the background, has stopped suddenly. One simple way to fix this problem is to disable the service, but in this part, we didn’t want to do that. We wanted to solve the problem, not dodge it.

Here is the step-by-step instruction: 

1: Firstly, head to Settings on your Android phone, and from there go to Application Manager.

2: In the Application Manager menu, you need to find a service named CloudAgent either under Running or under All.

3: Here’s what you should do in this step. Keep following the same order:

  • Force stop the service.
  • Disable it.
  • Clear Cache.
  • Clear Data.
  • Enable it.

solve cloud agent has stopped error

4: When finishing, you simply restart your device.

We have gone through the above steps on many android devices, and that error hasn’t been seen since then. Therefore, it may work for you too. But if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be surprised as Android’s flexibility means that it comes with its own quirks and you might need to try different things.

The bottom line

Now, you are aware of ‘What is cloud agent android?’ and ways to set up or fix errorCloudAgent Has Stopped’ on Android? If you are a Samsung Galaxy phone owner who has been encountering this error or maybe you own some other Android device which also showed the same error and fixed it by following a different set of steps then we urge you to share them in the comments below. It can help readers who aren’t successful with these above steps. Lastly, to get more other useful blogs, or download apk files, you are able to visit our website milagromobilemarketing.com. Thank you for reading!

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